Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel review

lovely Thursday morning to you dear followers! i'm in a good mood today because 1) i've had a good laugh last night from watching Daddy Day Care (especially loved the scenes where one of the daddies was put on makeup by two of the girls they take care of while sleeping and having to answer the door to the day care inspector) and 2) my hubby gave me the blessing to signup for the RMK makeup workshop (yes, i do get permission to do these things! lol).

in keeping with the positive vibes, for today i thought i'd share with you my wonderful experience and insights on Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (which i received from Phoebe as a gift).

swatch and my review after the jump!

what it promises:

- refreshing gel formula restores up to 200% higher moisture level* on skin, replenishing and rebuilding skin moisture from within all day long
- self-hydrating system (based on clinical study results on 15 Asian women after 1 hour) to address the root cause of inner dryness. innovative formula with smart Progressive Release System absorbs moisture from the air then releasing it into the skin over time.
- instantly hydrates skin and helps soothe and calm skin
- skin stays soft, supple, bouncy, radiant with a healthy glow
- oil free formula with non-sticky/matte feel

what i love about it:

- it feels oh-so-silky! the texture of this moisturizer is a lot runnier than cream but not uber thin consistency, definitely aptly named "water gel"
- easily absorbed by the skin. no more than a minute and the skin already feels soak with moisture!
- feels very light (bye bye to icky moisturizers!) and dries to a comfortable smooth, velvety feel
- refreshes and soothes my skin in an instant!
- made my other skincare products work more effectively. i remember using Avene Cleanance-K Cream Gel for the first time and it sort of made me breakout for a while without moisturizer. eventually, it worked perfectly after i added on using this moisturizer before that product. just fabulous!
- has that refreshing scent that isn't overpowering
- packaging is very friendly and totally chic! the lid has an inner lid that i use to get the product from instead of directly on top of the container (what i do is give it a quick one-time shake before i open for the product to stick on the inner lid where i can get the product from). the presentation and color choice of the container is also simple but well thought of, good job!
- easily available at leading beauty outlets (Watsons, Guardian) and even in grocery stores! (FairPrice)
- reasonably priced at (from what i recall) ~ S$15. such a competitive price for a great product!

what my qualms are with it:

- initially, i would put in not available here (am in Singapore) but it turns out, it is! found in FairPrice, Watsons and Guardian. just great! (: so i guess that leaves none! :p

overall, i give this product an A+! it's rare that a product can change my mind (in this case, that my oily skin still needs moisturizer) and totally deliver what it promises! my only comment would be, why have this product only launched now?! (^_^) but i was so glad i didn't miss it!

have you tried this product? love it or hate it? spill!

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