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Review: Kimage Hair Studio (haircut)

almost two months ago, i couldn't bear my excessive hairfall anymore. i had to cut my hair. and so even though i'm very scared to have a local cut my hair (for fear of not being understood what cut i want), i braved confirming an early morning appointment with Kimage Hair Studio at Bukit Panjang Plaza.
the day before the actual appointment, i did a bit of research on the net to see if there are any good reviews for that branch of that salon. i came across one that totally convicted me to go there and he highly recommended Yvonne, the salon manager and a top stylist.
and so when i arrived at 1030am, i was delighted that a pretty woman greeted me and ushered me in. i told her i'm looking for Yvonne and she just asked me to follow her - not knowing it is already her. she guided me to the shampoo area and shampooed my hair. i was shocked when she told me she's my stylist when i asked her who is Yvonne. she shampooed my hair thoroughly, gave me advice on my scalp and massa…

Review: Sleek Makeup O.M.G. lipstick

ola chikas! i'm back at work today hehe. still feeling a little bit under the weather but i'd have to suck it up - program codes waiting for me in the office aren't going to code themselves haha! ok, enough geek talk lol time for some makeup talk!

for Valentine's Day, i received a gift from my daughter - Sleek Makeup O.M.G. lipstick. she asked me what i wanted and i showed here everything i wanted at haha! i think she chose this not only because it looked pretty but because it's what she can afford too hehe! she was super sweet to have gotten me anything really! (^_^)

i admit, the first time i saw the color in Sleek Makeup's website, i was dubious. i don't really tend to favor reds on my lips as i feel they are too much of an attention seeker so i cannot pair it with loud eyes. but lately, i've spent less and less time to get ready in the morning so i don't really devote time to apply eyeshadow to my eyes anymore compared before. boo hoo!…

LC as in Longchamp!

i called in sick today. i have a seriously clogged nose and my body aches. :-/ hopefully, i can recover by the end of the day so i can face the ever-piling load at work tomorrow. LOL

i thought to cheer me up a bit i could share with you the first designer bag i own to date - Longchamp. my lifegroup leader (at church) went to Paris a couple of weeks ago and asked me if i wanted to buy some since the price there is way cheaper here - about half of it. and some buying i did! (^_^) it was so hard to choose and so i ended up getting 3.

covered up

from left to right: Beige Planètes cosmetic bag, Black Planètes large tote bag &Orange Le Pliage large travel bag

all laid out, from left to right: Black Planètes large tote bag, Orange Le Pliage large travel bag & Beige Planètes cosmetic bag

i've already used the cosmetic and tote bag. to be honest though, i don't want to use it often as i'm wary i might ruin it one way or another! i plan to use the travel bag for our handcarr…

DIY: Homemade sugar scrub

i remember i received a newsletter from Sephora Singapore previously that announced they already have Fresh which is supposedly known for their lip treatments. around this time i think i was also asked by my church lifegroup lady friends to prepare for an activity we can do during one of our bonding nights. i know most of them are practical moms so i thought why not do something DIY that is still beauty-related? i initially thought we can do homemade bath salts as that seemed fab but i thought not all of us have bathtubs haha so when are they going to use that?! then i thought why not sugar scrub!
i searched the net for an easy to follow recipe using ingredients that can be found at home and i adapted Petit Elefant's. i modified it a bit and used food color for my personal use - i don't like the boring brown one alone. and here's the end result:

at first, i wanted to use blue or pink food color but they both stains the skin! so i settled for green - didn't stain and i…

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment

merry Monday maidens! haha that's triple M lol. it's yet another start of a busy yet favored work week for me and hopefully a blessed one for you too! (^_^)
i wanna share with you today my experience with a product that just got my attention at the store - Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment. (say what? nvm, i'm not saying it again haha :P what a mouthful!)
The pitch:
Use the gentle power of warming sensation to help eliminate blackheads for visibly clear and healthy looking skin!
- Instantly warms up to open pores, "Blackhead Fighting Complex" then penetrates into pores to promote the removal of dirt, oil and even stubborn blackheads - Cedarwood extract and moisturizer help strengthen the skin's natural water and oil balance, and prevent new blackheads from forming with continuous use.
For best results, use together with other Blackhead Eliminating products.
- Oil-free - Non-comedogenic
Directions: Cleanse your face, preferably wit…

Review: SHIELO Antioxidant Leave in Protectant and Hydrate Sealing Mist

happy Easter to all of you! no matter what you believe in, i just want to share with you that Jesus Christ has laid His life on the cross to save us from our sins. and this day celebrates His defeat of death by His resurrection. and i'm thankful for this day, for He has saved me from my sins and can look forward to an eternal life after my time in this world is up. (^_^)
in tune with my upbeat cheerful mood, today i'd like to highlight a sponsored hair product brand i was asked to try out - Shielo. the following is the background info of this company:

Shielo Hair Technology & Care was created in New York City in 2001 when salon industry leaders modernized the hair care industry by providing new technologies in the first voluminous technologies. A need was identified among top salons in New York City and their clientele for more voluminous styles, while including the effort to enhance and fortify hair care products with volumizing and color protecting elements. In 2007, the…