Taiwan Skincare SOPHIE MONK's celebrity spokesperson MAKIYO comes to Singapore on 4th November!

prior to receiving an invite to the event where Taiwan Celebrity Spokesperson MAKIYO will be promoting the Taiwan Skincare SOPHIE MONK, i barely even hear anything about this skincare line. after doing a bit of research though, i think i'll be looking forward to trying out this line though!!!

OK, let me contain my excitement first and get on with the title. but, if you are curious like me you'll be asking, "wait, what the heck is Sophie Monk???" Sophie Monk celebrates beauty in women and is fronted by Japanese/Taiwanese celebrity, Makiyo. Its R&D and cute packaging puts it at the forefront of beauty solutions for young ladies wanting beauty, offering solutions for dry skin, acne through a comprehensive and tightly-edited selection of whitening, hydrating, anti acne products as well as hydrating masks. their website brand story also mentions that "Sophie Monk gathers Japanese Designer + Taiwan Latest R&D Technology proudly presents Non Greasy, Zero Burden high rated skincare which specially designed for Hot Weather countries". apparently, the label is currently loved by models and celebrities in Taiwan and Japan in need of whitening solutions and finally now here (sold at Guardian) and yet I've known only now! ugh. OK, at least now I already know hehe.

Alright, that's settled. But why should I check it out? What do they offer you may ask? Available at Guardian pharmacies are their whitening range (which consists of SPF 40+ Smoothing BB cream, Cleansing Mousse, Mild Cleansing Oil, Emulsion, Brightening Eye Gel, Refreshing Toner, Moisturizer and Essence), their hydrating range (which only consists of Hydrating Essence) and their hydrating range masks/strawberry facial masks (which consists of Hydrating Double Lifting Mask, Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask, Whitening Double Lifting Mask, V Shaping Double Lifting Mask).

Oh, I know there are still questions. Ingredients?

"Sophie Monk’s revolutionary formula with natural botanical extracts intercept amped up melanin production and acts like a cluster-buster to remove coloration and restore clarity that the skin deserves."

Now are you interested? Good. Maybe it's time to divulge the event details.


Celebrated actress and variety show host Makiyo, known for her great skin and life-changing make-up, will be in Singapore to promote cosmetic label, Sophie Monk. As spokesperson for Sophie Monk, Makiyo will share her ideas about beauty, her beauty regime and how Sophie Monk works so beautifully for her.

Makiyo will make a personal appearance to meet her fans as well as fans of Sophie Monk at the following venue:

Guardian Pharmacy
Ngee Ann City
Date & Time: 4th November 2011, 7pm.

To receive Makiyo’s autograph, simply spend more than $50 on Sophie Monk products and get a chance to stand in line for Makiyo’s autograph.

Guests who spend more than $100 will have the privileged opportunity of being photographed with Makiyo.

Makiyo’s bio

Singer, Actress and TV Personality
Full Name: Kawashima Makiyo
Birthday: 12 June 1984
Ethnicity: Japanese and Taiwanese

Born in Japan, Makiyo moved to Taiwan at the age of 10 where she is now based. She first broke into the entertainment scene at the age of 16 with her appearance in a cellphone commercial, where she was discovered by a talent spotter and subsequently released her first Chinese album "Makiyo". Taking a break from singing in 2004, the multi-talented Makiyo continued establishing herself in the Taiwanese entertainment industry through appearances in various drama series and variety shows, publishing several photo books and even hosting. Most recently, Makiyo returned to producing good music with the release of "Girls Power" in August 2011. Makiyo has established a niche for herself as a beauty and fashion guru with her frequent appearances in variety programmes to speak about such topics as skincare and cosmetics. She has been a favourite amongst various fashion and beauty brands.

Of course I need to give you details of the skincare line, don't I? ;D


SPF 40+ Smoothing BB Cream
30ml, S$22.90

Cleansing Mousse
150ml, S$22.90

Sakura Cherry Blossom Extract helps to wash away the effects of everyday stressors, along with dirt, sebum and environmental impurities before they can dull skin’s appearance.

Ingredients: Sakura Cherry Blossom Extract, Giga White Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber extract, North St Grass Glycoprotein, Amino Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Hydrating Factors

Directions:Squeeze a small amount on palm, gently massage onto your skin, rinse thoroughly with water

Cleansing Oil
200ml, S$22.90

Variety of Botanical Plant Oil Extracts effectively dissolve all dirts & make up. Special feature of oil-soluble vitamin C, accelerate the whitening & softening effect. This lightweight, high-tech hybrid formula with removes make up, dirts and pollutants with high efficiency. Only takes 60 seconds to let your skin breath.

Ingredients: Hyaluronan Acid, Oil Soluble Vitamin C, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Vitamin E

Direction: Gently massage onto dry skin with fingertips. Add warm water to transform oil to milky lotion, then rinse off with water.

140ml S$22.90

Effectively hydrate skin, prevent skin dryness.

Ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid + high elastic Q10 helps repair skin’s protective barrier to seal in moisture. 

Formulated with the famed rehydrating powers of Kashmir Wool Protein, Oat Extract, Q10. Signs of past damage are visibly corrected. Youthful radiance returns. Moisture level surge.

Ingredients: Q10, Hyaluronan Acid, Yogurt Extract, Oat Extract, Kashmir Wool Protein, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Collagen, Vitamin B5, Natural Hydrating Factor

Directions :Use daily morning and night after essence, apply on facial and neck part, gently massage till full absorption.

Eye Cream
15ml, S$18.90

An ultraluxe eye treatment that dissolves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness

150ml, S$18.90

The instant whitening effect of natural ingredient Camellia Extract penetrates deep into the skin, helps improve the appearance of damage done by UV and environmental exposure. It works both Whitening & Hydrating together, amped up excess melanin that litters the skin’s surface in the form of discolorations. 

Ingredients: Camellia Extract, Traxenamic Acid, Vitamin C, North St Grass Glycoprotein, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber Extract, Wild Indigo Extract, Allantoin & Hyaluronic Acid

Directions: Day & Night after cleansing, apply certain amount onto face and neck, gently massage till fully absorbed.

(size/content and price unavailable, will update once informed)

Revolutionary Peptide helps trigger skin to optimize its natural repair process. Repair Skin’s Protective barrier to seal in moisture, signs of past damage are visibly corrected. Youthful returns. Moisture level surge. Revolutionary formula of peptide & botanical extracts intercepts amped-up melanin production and acts like a "cluster-buster" to break up pre-formed discolorations and rapidly restore clarity.

Ingredients: Peptides, Shea Butter, Fermentation Extract, Sea Fennel Extract, Dew Grass Extract, Vitamin E, Camellia Oil, Active yeast extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Immortelle Extract

Directions :Use Day and Night Daily after cleanse and toner, apply on face and neck area, gently massage till full absorption.

50ml, S$22.90

A must whitening product during hot summer, Vitamin C + tranexamic acid + Cam Fruit + West Indian cherry + ellagic acid amped-up melanin productions, effectively reduce the appearance of dark spots & lighten skin tone. Excellent stability + permeability of the Plant Essence prevent skin from ultraviolet radiation and skin dryness. 

Directions:Use Morning & Night after cleanse and toner, apply small amount on face and neck, gently massage till full absorption.


Hydrating Essence
50ml, S$22.90

New Revolution Hydrating effect! 8 Super Hydrating Elements, Forms transparent protection of dryness, Moisture Level Surge

Prevent moisture loss in air conditioned room or hot weather, instantly replenish water level of the skin, penetrate deep into the skin to provide 24hrs hydrating effect

Get Rid of 4 major Thirsty Skin Problems - fine lines, peeling, dullness, saggy >> all get rid! Enjoy the hydrating effect without burdening the skin.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, Orchid Extract, Candela Extract, MATRIXYL, Immortelle Extract, BifiDecoli Extract, Natural Hydrating Factors

Directions:Use Morning & Night. After cleanse and toner, apply small amount on face and neck, gently massage till full absorption.


Hydrating Double Lifting Mask

Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask

Whitening Double Lifting Mask

V Shaping Double Lifting Mask

Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask

Anti Acne Set 

Includes Amino Hydrating Cleanser, Clarifying Toner and Magic Anti-acne Neutralizing Gel

Blackhead Remover Set

Includes Deep Sebum Softener, Sebum Purifying Mask and Pore Treatment Essence

i want to try:
* SPF 40+ Smoothing BB cream - just because i'm getting hooked on BB creams again!
* Cleansing Mousse - my Belo glycolic soap will bid me adieu very soon
* Cleansing Oil - i just heart cleansing oils and want to give a chance for a Taiwanese one! (i've only tried Japanese ones)
* Emulsion - "moisture level surge" reeled me in!
* Toner - i want 'cause of Camellia Extract!
* Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask - need to minimize pores!
* V Shaping Double Lifting Mask - v-shaping sounds intriguing for a round-faced gal like moi
* Anti Acne Set that includes Amino Hydrating Cleanser, Clarifying Toner and Magic Anti-acne Neutralizing Gel - i've oily and breakout-prone skin so this is not a surprise lemming!
* Blackhead Remover Set that includes Deep Sebum Softener, Sebum Purifying Mask and Pore Treatment Essence - lessen facial trips! (which is btw VERY expensive in Singapore! T_T )

if you wanna be kept updated with their promotions and new products, like the Sophie Monk Singapore FB page or visit the Sophie Monk website.

*Note: I am not paid to blog about this. Just sharing. ;D

are you coming to the event? unfortunately, i've commitments on that day - bummer! but if you're going will yah tell me about it??? ;D and oh, what products are you going to haul?

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