Review: Dolly Wink eyelash case

good morning ladies! it's the start of work week once again! hope you are all looking forward to this week even though you may still be wishing it's still the weekend. :P

previously i've shared with you my new found love for falsies. although i really love the style of the first lash i've successfully strutted with, i am not so much loving the box - it's bulky and gets squished easy (made out of carton). plus, i worry that the lashes may get squished in the process. that's when i decided to get an eyelash case.

jump for more pictures and review!

i actually hauled some more fake lashes (more on that on another post) and this was among (in the same shelf) the lashes i hauled so i figured why not get one too?

what i like:
- the packaging is very sturdy yet very light. it's a pink plastic case which is also just the right size. it's easy to open and store in your makeup arsenal or your handbag.
- the packing is uber cute! the design is simply girly but tasteful.
- the depth of the container is just right and there are partitions for full and partial lashes, so they don't mix together.
- i forgot the actual retail price (it's about S$10) but it's quite reasonable, not a bad deal really for the quality

what i dislike:
- i really thought hard what i don't like about it but there isn't!

recommended to:
- if you wish to store your lashes on a sturdy and space saving case, this is it
- if you have several lashes already opened and don't want to retain the box that came with it

overall, i really was just happy to buy this product. i agree, this is not a must item to purchase but hey, if you wanna take care of your lashes i think this is worth investing in. btw, i got this at Watsons.

how do you store your fake lashes?

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