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hair makeover planning

i'm only 10 sleeps away from returning to Manila -- hurrah!

because of the anticipation, i did some online makeover at on what cut i want to have at courtesy of my hairstylist Wheng of Affascinante Salon. the testing of hairstyles are pretty funny for most looks that don't suit my face but for those that suit me, i actually realized that the best cut for me are those with layers or straight hair. sometimes i can pull off bangs but only sideswept and even then, it needed to be the right length or else my face looks changed - literally i can't recognize myself hehe.

here are what caught my fancy:

lip lovin': MAC Slimshine Tropic Glow

hi ladies! i just came back from church camp at Desaru, Malaysia last Sunday and i don't think i've yet recovered from it lol. i still think about it, i actually wish it can be a month-long event! it's that memorable and fun!

anyhoo, i just want to briefly share one of my basic makeup look - foundie / mascara / blush / gloss.

i don't want to call it my natural look because i think looking natural is like having beautiful skin but still not having that "wow, it looks more polished" aura, if that makes sense. i actually want you to ignore everything and focus on the lips - that is what i like about this look.

i used MAC Slimshine in Tropic Glow. if i used my hubby's DLSR, i suppose the picture could be crisper although i like how it turned out.

how are you treating your lips today??? (^_^)

vampy nocturnelle

i've yet to find another shade of purple to love more than MAC Nocturnelle. on this FOTD, i applied it all over my lid and used MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation.

for the first few FOTDs, i looked like a vampire lol. it's because of the lighting and i didn't put too much foundation. :p i kinda liked it a bit though, reminiscent of Twilight. :D

i can't seem to get the winged-liner look "balanced" on both eyes. *sigh* oh well, more room for improvement - as long as am having fun putting makeup on. (^_^)

nice and cool

hey beauties! i know it's been so so long but am here now, still sharing FOTDs. (^_^) this one is over two weeks ago and i believe am roadtesting MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation.

i like the finish - as it rivals that of Joppa Minerals' Full Coverage (JMFC) mineral foundation (my HG foundie) - and i love the way it feels, so light like it's not liquid foundation. even though i've only tried two liquid foundation, both of them feel heavy and sticky. this foundie would've been my HG foundie if only it has beaten JMFC in terms of coverage. but i won't hesitate to put JMFC at par with this foundie because i love this foundie for its staying power - it melts longer than JMFC.

have to mention that i use MAC MSF in Medium as finishing powder and it is just amazing. am actually sad to realize that i needed to buy the edition with the half in shimmer - next time i will just get the entire pan of just the MAC MSF Medium.

the colors in this FOTD are the old colors in my makeup…

MUFE Mat Velvet+ >> DAY 1

hey gals! before you all forget this blog is existing, i'd just like to post a quick update.

yesterday i went to Sephora Ngee Ann City and picked up MakeUpForEver Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation (in 35).

i got it for S$68. i remembered i also needed (for the longest time) a cosmetic sharpener. the MUA gave me MUFE's although i was planning to get a cheap one (Sephora has one that costs S$7). i went ahead and got it. when i used it later in the evening, i wasn't disappointed - it was easy to use, sharp and didn't give funny edges to the makeup pencils i sharpened. i was happy in the end even if it costs twice that of Sephora's (S$13).

they are having a promotion as well that you get to draw a number from a pumpkin basket to pick your prize for buying S$80 worth of products. i picked #4 and i got this as my freebie:

Soap&Glory body moisturizing mist i don't really like body moisturizers/lotions but i think i have to give this one a try - it's free anyway! :-)


Battle of the Cleansing Oils: DHC vs. Fancl

ran to Watsons last week to replenish my St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser. my Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil also ran out already but before i could replenish it, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil stirred my curiousity and so i gave it a try.

i don't need to review the scrub and facial cleanser i mentioned above - i simply love them.

as for my initial impression of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, i can't help but compare it with Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil (see my review here). but first, here are some pics:

first point: price. DHC's come in 200ml for S$42 while Fancl's come in 120 ml for S$33. without computing, you'd think "hey, DHC is cheaper". but it's not. you see, 1 ml of DHC is priced ~S$4.76 while Fancl is priced ~S$3.64.

second point: value for money. i've observed that with DHC i would need 2 squeeze of product compared to 1 of Fancl's. 'nuff said.

third point: effectivity. both proved to remove makeup (even waterproof …

new do!

hi everyone! i know i've been away for quite sometime now, sorry for that. nowadays, am either busy at work or at church.

ok, so a few weeks back i finally decided to cut off my mane -- it was getting too long and hard to maintain, not to mention makes more hair to fall off. i initially wanted to go to Next at Holland Village but it was too far from my house (although very near from my workplace) so i had to think of a backup salon - and that was Reds Hairdressing.

my ex-colleague and good friend Amanda recommended Ann of REDS Takashimaya so I went ahead and looked for her as soon as I reached their counter. (She gave me a business card with her off-day reflected after my cut.)

my overall experience at REDS was nice. the staff were efficient - i didn't have to wait too much and everything was done alright. the stylist (Ann) gave me a nice cut and the assistant (Cassandra) was gentle with shampooing and blowdrying my hair. Ann actually asked if i want hair treatment but i was…

falling in love with TBS all over again

i've missed you all! i haven't much time to spend in the morning to put on makeup for the past several weeks so no FOTDs if you notice.

last Friday, i swung by TBS to replenish my Seaweed Clarifying Toner and replace my old No More Rough Stuff pumice. i've been wanting to try out their Pepperming Reviving Foot Soak for the longest time and i thought that was the perfect time to grab it. i snatched the matching Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub too to take advantage of getting their annual membership card for free (plus all my items were subject to 10% discount!)

same as before, i just love the refreshing feeling of applying TBS Seaweed Clarifying Toner - feels very light and tightens the skin without feeling my face has dried out. as for the foot items, i used them in this order: foot soak, pumice then foot scrub.

using the foot soak, i just followed the back label instructions to prepare a warm batch of water and put some foot soak product in it. i decided to soak m…

my MAC Art Supplies collection haul ... and thoughts

sorry for being MIA my dear followers. work has been quite hectic lately - crazy deadlines to meet. yesterday, i actually went to work but left after 11am because my eyes have been acting up - getting all watery, i literally look like am crying at times with my tears voluntarily dropping on the sides of my eyes. i had to go see a doctor and take the rest of the day off. after putting on medical eye drops, i dozed off for a few hours. because i was able to rest for a bit and i felt better, i wrote this post hehe.

a couple of weeks ago, i grabbed some MAC greasepaints from the Art Supplies collection. i was planning to get only Charred Mauve but the MUA persuaded me to get Uniformly Blue as well. he said it was gorgeous and i saw that it really was hehe so i had to snatch it too. btw, got each at S$32 (if i remember correctly).

ok, onto some eye candy first!

my thoughts on this product: initially, i thought it is useless and a waste of money. i was told by the MUA they can be used alone so…