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Review: Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set

I remember there was a time when Japonesque brushes were highly raved and it was about the same time the mineral makeup purchases peaked (well, in my experience at least in Philippines). So I've always been curious about their line but I don't want to buy online. One day sometime in mid 2011 if I recall correctly, I readily purchased a Japonesque brush set I saw at Beauty Bar Robinsons Manila - the Touch Up Tube Set in black. I got brushes but don't have a handy set since I'm not fond of retouching my makeup (especially eye makeup, reason why I take my time in the morning to do it as nicely as I can) so I thought maybe I can give this one a try.

The pitch: - Five Essential Brushes In a Sleek Compact Case - Encased in a black, sleek tube designed for portability and protection, the JAPONESQUE® Professional Touch Up Tube Set contains five brushes essential for keeping makeup flawless throughout the day or night. This unique set includes a foundation brush, a lip brush, …

Review: TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Remoisturising Conditioner

i stress my hair a lot. apart from twice a year hair coloring and once a year rebonding, i apply products on it everyday. i know that might not sound a lot of mane abuse as compared to what others probably go through but having given birth twice, my already fine, thin hair became more brittle and fallout became heavier from each pregnancy. it also doesn't help that the weather in the country am in is hot and humid - so hair unfriendly! oftentimes, i find my hair weighed down by the products i use to supposedly revive it's glory. additionally, the gunk and impurities from these products also makes my hair tangled. to save my hair from impending doom, i knew i had to find a clarifying shampoo and conditioner stat! panic rummaging at Guardian Bukit Panjang Plaza branch led me to discover TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Remoisturising Conditioner. 

The pitch: 
TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo

"Professional performance formula deeply cleanses to remove pollutants and styli…

My first Makeup Workshop: RMK Holiday 2011

i think first-times are memorable. it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad, you almost always will remember it. why? because venturing into something new to you challenges you, frightens you and excites you all at the same time. and that is no less what i've felt when i've attended my very first makeup workshop - with RMK.
i went to one of their workshops, featuring their holiday collection, with Agnes - a sister in faith. we were both very excited to be doing this together for the first time.
are you excited to find out what we experienced? enter pictures!
our before (workshop) pic

everything laid out so nicely!

this made me crave for a dresser in my room. someday! (^_^)
skincare talk

this was a great opportunity to try out their skincare items and i've liked their UV Face Protector, Gel Scrub and Recovery Gel. i bought their UV Face Protector and i got sample size of Gel Scrub. have used both of them and it's just love! have plans on getting the Recovery …

Review: Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go

don't you just hate it when you're out & about and your manicure gets chipped? that has happened to me several times and i was only left to sigh deeply and hope that the day ends as fast as it could so i could get home and take it all off. thankfully, i've recently discovered Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover Finger Mitts. The girls running were so generous to send me a holiday goodie bag that included it.
i decided to use it today because my mani was showing tips already and it's gotten obviously far from the cuticle. i didn't know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised - i was in for a treat.

Product Description: - Award winning lavender lacquer remover in individual finger-tip mitts. - Nail lacquer remover containing, aloe vera to prevent dehydration, and lavender. - Lavender leaves a gentle scent on the skin, while protecting delicate cuticle with its natural anti-bacterial properties. - One mitt cleans all ten na…

affordable accents

bazaars are quite attractive imo because there is a big possibility that you can score deals there. and that is exactly what i've found!
earlier, my colleagues and I visited the bazaar inside our campus (I work in a school) and i snagged these adorable accessories:

silver linked hearts rings (one fits my middle finger and another fits my ring finger), antique gold angel wings ring & silver necklace with multi-gem crusted crab pendant
i got the rings for $4 (S$2.20 each but I got discount for getting both since there's none left), S$7 for the wings ring and S$8.90 for the necklace. I must say these are gorgeous in person - the picture doesn't do it justice (taken using iPhone 4 only!) I'll repost another picture that'll hopefully give crisper details. the materials on these accessories look and feel sturdy and doesn't look cheap so they're great pieces. I hope to get inspiration from these when I think of new makeup looks to sport - haven't been doing t…

NOTD: Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme + Milani Gems

how are you all lovelies? too much is going on in my life right now, poor blog got ignored. (T_T) but am making an attempt to revive it now with this post on a manicure I did a few weeks back. seeing the pictures now tempts me to wear the base color (Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme) again - it's that lovely!
under sunlight
natural lighting

the color's very cheerful but at the same time tasteful - doesn't seem cheap-looking for an orange polish, i love it! it definitely shows my bubbly personality. the addition of Milani Gems on top I suppose showcases my creativity hehe! am not really into nail art yet so for me this looks great already. although i have plans of sharing some easy nail arts I've been eyeing on YouTube. I've always thought some great-looking nail arts take so much time but was i wrong! ok, but enough of that - I can always talk about that when I actually did that already hehe.
going back to Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme, like all other shades from …