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30 November 2011

Review: Celeteque Anti-aging Serum

well well well, if it isn't wowing Wednesday hehe! why did i become cheesy again haha! i think realizing that it's a few days from weekend again that makes me jolly! although a bit on the silly side haha.

if my attitude is cheerful, it's because am so excited that i'll be again a part of another important event for our church, which is the Christmas carol competition. hoping to give my best to give God the glory! (^_^)

ok, anyway i have to cut my bubbly outlook when it comes to this product - Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Power Serum (Concentrated Break Off Capsules with Cytostimulin Lipopeptides).

Nikki of Askmewhats was so sweet to include this in her gift to me when we met - thanks again Nikki! since i've recently paid attention to skincare, i was really excited to try a range of skincare items. and anti-aging serums definitely are interesting items to try out - after all, who doesn't want to age gracefully? i really wanted this to work for me, unfortunately i found a lot of fall factors with this item when i used it.

my thoughts:
- the consistency of the product is greasy for me. i've read reviews (see mrsmartinez's and thecuriouszealot's) that they find the formulation to be absorbed easily but it just didn't happen to me with this product. of course it still got absorbed and dried eventually but it took a longer time, like 2-3 minutes. and that amount of time bothers me because to begin with my skin is oily. i actually became hesitant to try this once i broke off the capsule but decided to go ahead and try it instead of wasting it.
- the amount of product is a lot for my entire face because i won't cover my entire face with this. i only applied this on my undereye, forehead, laugh lines, upper cheeks (where my pores are bigger), chin area and neck. i usually find myself forced to finish this off that i just apply the rest on the neck which is not a bad thing because it's the only part that i apply with that i don't have problems with (i can take richer formulated products on my neck but not on my face)
- the thing i hate most about this is that it irritates my eye! even when i am careful not to apply near my waterline i still get teary-eyed after applying this, it totally bugged me! so much that after 16 days of use, i gave up on it. it's now sitting on my drawer with 5 more capsules left. *sigh*
- it's promise is to smoothen the skin in as little as one week but i felt that it just made me oilier unnecessarily. good thing this is only used at night, cannot imagine using this during day! it will make me look like a frying pan fresh from frying fries (that's how i wake up in the morning when i used this the evening prior)
- considering this worked for me, who in their right mind can maintain using a product that costs about PhP700 every 3 weeks? definitely not me. i think there are far more superior anti-aging creams/serums/products that can deliver far better results and will be either cheaper or more cost-effective. now that i've thought about it, maybe a better skincare regimen will help in the fight with anti-aging, don't you agree?

ok, i wanna stop right now because it is seriously messing with my happy outlook today hehe. but even if this is not a good review, i hope this product will work on maybe dry skinned or normal skinned people. i believe on giving personal reviews, whether they are good or bad, because it gives an insight of how it performed on an individual. of course, the decision to purchase and try a product is always on our own. :)

wow your Wednesdays women! haha i am totally wacked out today with the Ws lol!

29 November 2011

Sale alert: Stila Warehouse Sale

are you in the US?

do you love me very very much?

if you answered YES to both questions, can you please get me these!!!

it sucks not to be in US right now... *sigh*

but for all of you who are there and can have your orders shipped to US (or Japan), head to Stila's site now and score some great deals!

hurry before stocks ran out! (^_^)

Review: Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph

i wish you a warm and toasty Tuesday ladies, as i tremble in coldness in the office - brr! i already have a sweater on and still am freezing waaaaahhhh...

anyhoo, to distract me from that i want to talk to you about my new frequently used brow liner - the Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph. i first saw an ad in a magazine about new products and this was among them and it definitely caught my attention. it has this very bright packaging and the size of the liner is like that of a big crayon - i instantly loved it! so when i went to Sephora, i made sure i got this.

very good pointers and tips for brow noobs like moi! i really don't try to master the art of perfecting brow grooming and makeup but this simple pointers prove very helpful! in fact, i still have the box and don't have intention of throwing it away (unlike what i do with other boxes, straight to the bin!)

my thoughts:
- i find the packaging very vibrant and cheerful, from the box to the actual product.
- the crayon is very easy to handle and use, i just hate thin eyebrow pencils!
- the brow shaper is creamy and does not tug the skin, thumbs up! i find though that frequent usage will dull the point so you'll need to have a sharpener handy, which i don't mind doing. i had to use a spoolie brush though after applying this because the creaminess of it sorta "sticks" the hair together, in comparison with using brow powders. good thing i'm loving Charm Spoolie brush, it's one of my staple everyday brushes!
- the shade of the brow shaper is a little to the darker hue and i can always notice that on pictures especially because my hair is lighter. if this was available in another lighter shade, that would've been awesome!
- the brow shaper has quite few shimmers in it but not really noticeable shiny once applied on the brows, only upon swatching
- the higlighter shade is matte, easily smudged and does a good job of highlighting
- applying color to the brows has never been easier and faster! i used to use a brow brush and a brow powder to apply brow color and another lighter eyeshadow for highlight but now it's all in one product, loving that application time cutoff!
- if you're the type of person who carry very small bag or purse, you might it a bit annoying that this is tad larger but i usually put on makeup at home so i don't bring this most of the time except when am travelling, which by then i put it in a makeup bag
- i usually don't mention prices in my reviews but i think this is value for money at S$18. some thin eyebrow pencils are priced at half of that but i feel that the quality of this product is unbeatable

can you tell i love this product?! i will be happy to repurchase this and recommend especially those with darker hair. how about you, what's your fave eyebrow product nowadays?

take it easy for the rest of day bellas!

28 November 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Shooting Stars

marvellous Monday everybody! i had a difficulty getting out of bed this morning - really wanted to sleep longer! but of course, need to head for work and put butter on our table! (my hubby brings the bread haha cheesy i know!)

anyhoo, i realized that i've gone a bit carried away with reviewing Avene products haha and i've still some products on their line left for me to review but i wanna get back and review the rest of the recent Sephora haul i got. so for today, i wanna brighten up my blog with a post on glittery polish - just because all this rain is not cheerful at all! LOL

i've no idea what collection (China Glaze) Shooting Stars was part of but when i saw it at the Sephora CG stand i can't resist it!

used alone, under direct sunlight

used alone, indoor daytime lighting

although it's pretty on its own, i got curious and tried pairing it with other shades i own.

bare polishes from thumb to pinkie: OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, OPI At Your Quebec and Call, China Glaze Gussied Up Green, OPI Overexposed In South Beach and Orly Liquid Vinyl (two coats except for OPI At Your Quebec and Call which was three coats, no topcoat)

jazzed up with China Glaze Shooting Stars!

it prettifies the polishes although i favor those darker shades especially over Orly Liquid Vinyl. it actually reminded me of a polish i want to buy but now realized i can actually dupe it - can you guess??? it's Deborah Lippmann Forget You! although i might try Orly Liquid Vinyl with Milani Jewel FX Gems instead (since that resembles Debora Lippmann Happy Birthday closely than China Glaze Shooting Stars).

my thoughts:
- love the formula of this polish! compared to Milani Jewel FX polishes (i own Gems and Gold), this has a much thinner clear base that applies easily and dries fast
- i find the combination of more small glitter specks with a few bigger hexagonal pieces made it a breeze to apply as opposed to all chunky hexagonal glitters, perfect for glitter novice nail polish aficionados
- i do not need to apply topcoat anymore whether i use this alone or on top of another polish as i've said it really dries quickly

i heart this polish, i love pairing it with dark shades! this is a happy realization as i don't usually mix 'n match polish shades due to laziness haha.

how do you like Shooting Stars or any other glitter polish faves? rave about it here!

25 November 2011

Review: Avene Cleanance K Cream-gel

great Friday morning to yah! can't believe it's the end of another week as i just got back to work yesterday haha.

i realized i've not said much about my church camp to Malaysia recently and i just want to share some of the highlights quickly. as much as i've enjoyed and learned from the enthusiastic and encouraging teachings, i've also loved the bonding moments brought by the recreation time when we played various games (ala Minute to Win It), spent free time swimming and get dressed and totally made up for the special night, when everyone wore their best dresses and suits! indeed, it was refreshing not only spriritually but emotinally as well. i think most of our pictures are at my hubby's Canon DSLR so i'll let him sort it our first then i'll share some especially those of the special night. (^_^)

some of you commented about my makeup and nail polish used on my current skincare regimen video - thanks so much! if you are interested in knowing, here is the breakdown of makeup i used (as far as i can remember that is!):

Dr. Jart Silver Label Rejuvenating Blemish Balm
Joppa Full Coverage Medium Light #3 foundation
Joppa Sheer Original Finishing Silk (setting powder)
MAC Hot Paprika of Styledriven Collection (inner and middle lid)
MAC Satin Taupe of Passions of Red (2008 Holiday Collection) Fascinating Ruby: 6 Smokey Eyes palette (outer lid)
Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph (brows)
ZA Impact Lash Wide Eyes mascara
Dolly Wink No. 4 falsies
Sleek Pomegranate (cheeks)
Burt Bee's Repleneshing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil
MAC Cremesheen Gloss in Creme Anglaise
Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like (nails)

haha i think i got a bit sidetracked already lol. today's post is another installment to the Avene review series. may i highlight that this is my most loved Avene skincare product from everything that i own! (^_^)

swatch and review after the jump!

Review: Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+

how are you doing beautiful? sorry for keeping you waiting for a fresh post. i just arrived from Kuantan, Malaysia last Tuesday night and rested yesterday - also had to bring my son to the doctor due to colds and cough. Today, I had lots of catching up as my work inbox was swamped with emails! i also still need to check my commenting system later so if you dropped me a question there, hang tight and i will get back at yah in a jiffy! (^_^)

for now, i want to continue the Avene review series with my insights on their sunblock named Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+.

blended out

What Avene says:
The Ultra High Protection Emulsion 50+ has been specially developed for hypersensitive skin with a fair or creamy complexion in the case of intense sunlight. Based on MPI-SORB that offers protection against UVB and UVA rays, it combines patented minderal screens with TINOSORB M+S. It also contains:
- Vitmain E precursor, anti-oxidant pre-tocopheyl which helps to reinforce the cutaneous barrier
- Curbita Pepo, which regulates sebum secretion
- Avene Thermal Spring Water, known for its soothing and anti-irritant properties

The Ultra High Protection 50+ is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Thanks to its non-tinted, lightweight, invisble and non-greasy texture, it is easily applied and penetrates rapidly, thus making it very pleasant to use.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Ethylhexyl Methoxyonnamate
Glyceryl Stearate
C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
Ethylhexyl Palmitate
Potassium Cetyl Phosphate
Cetyl Alcohol
Pvp/Eicosene Copolymer
Stearyl Alcohol
Cucurbita Pepo Seed Oil
Decyl Glucoside
Disodium EDTA
Magnesium Aluminium Silicate
Titanium Dioxide
Tocopheryl Glucoside
Xanthan Gum
Zinc Oxide

- Sun protection for oily sensitive skin and young problem skin.
- Helps prevent photo-dermatosis(sun allergies)

- Apply evenly to skin before sun exposure.
- Avoid prolonged sun exposure even when using this product.
- Reapply frequently particularly during prolonged exposure and always after swimming.

my thoughts:
- i like the packaging because even though it's in tube form, it has a pump that can control the product dispensed without squeezing the body of the tube. it may look deceiving as some may comment pumps dispense more than tubes themselves but you can control the pressure on the pump that will result how much product you'll pump out
- this has a teeny tiny scent but my not-so sensitive smell is not offended
- the consistency is creamy and a bit nearing greasy. i felt that applying too thin or rubbing the product vigorously or quickly will result to a feeling of intense friction (first time i did that i thought my face was burning!) so be wary of that. what i did to counter that is apply liberally and gently in front of a fan.
- absorption time is a bit longer compared to Avene Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion, which is about 30 seconds, but i believe is still reasonable
- i don't believe this gives me a ghoul-like white cast so that's good!
- i've been using this probably for a month already and i've not noticed any darkening on parts i apply this with (face and neck) so that's a yey!
- easily available at Watsons and Guardian drugstores in Singapore

overall, i can say i can live with this product but i wouldn't mind missing it too. it's not something i would go back to but not worthy of the rubbish bin either. i will definitely finish this then i'm moving on. i've my eyes already on a new sunblock after i finish this one (hint: it's from Japan!)

whew! i've written this entry on iPhone Blogger app haha it is tiring to type the letters one by one by fingers! LOL but all for the love of my readers! (^_^) hope you gals have a relaxing rest of the evening! "see" you all tomorrow!

22 November 2011

Review: Avene Anti-shine Regulating Lotion

hi gorgeousness! yesterday was part 1 of my Avene oily skincare line review tackling their Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion. today is the next product in line - the Anti-Shine Regulation Lotion.

What Avene says:
Moisturizer absorbs oil and provides long lasting mattification.

40 mL, 1.35 fl. oz.

- Oily, blemish-prone skin
- Visible shine
- Enlarged pores

Skin type:
- Oily, blemish-prone skin

- Light weight, oil-free, fast absorbing facial moisturizer
- Sebum regulating capsules absorb oil while moisturizing the skin
- Provides long lasting mattification
- Avène Thermal spring water to soothe and soften skin
- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

How to use:
- Apply AM/PM after thoroughly cleansing with Cleanance Soap-free gel cleanser.

* Avène thermal spring water (75%) - Soothes and softens
* Cucurbita pepo extract - Regulates sebum secretion
* Zinc gluconate - Purifies
* Oil-absorbing powders - Absorbs excess oil, mattifies

my thoughts:
- the feel of this product is not ointmenty although from the swatch it may appear to be so. it glides on smoothly and gets absorbed by the skin fairly quickly and is easy to blend into the skin
- a little goes a long way. a single strand of product the length of third of your index finger is a good amount of product to spread across an area
- same with the toner, it smells like fresh water and it's sorta relaxing
- i can feel this product hydrating my skin in order to balance the oils needed and refrain my face from producing excessive oils
- tube type packaging is both handy and prevents messiness especially during travel
- i bought this together with the toner and i still haven't used it up!

as i've said on the video, at first i thought this was not working until i forgot to put it on one day and that day my face looked like a frying pan! i think i may have overexpected from this product then but now my expectations are realistic and i believe this keeps the disco-ball-shine off of my face! if you've got oily skin, this is a good product to check out!

random sharing: after lunch we'll be on our way back to Singapore. aww.. bye Kuantan, Malaysia! 

have you discovered any oil controlling products lately that worked well for you? care to share with a fellow oil mine faced, i mean oily skinned gal like moi!

hope your Tuesday is just terrific as it should be!

21 November 2011

Review: Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion

hey dear readers! last Friday, i've shared with you in a video what products i use for my daily skincare regimen. today, i want to review in more detail the toner i mentioned there - Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion.

(its the one on the right)

What Avene says:
Astringent toner purifies skin and tightens pores without stinging or irritating sensation. Mattifying powders help absorb excess sebum and leave skin shine-free.

200 ml / 6.76 fl. oz.

- Oily, blemish-prone skin
- Visible shine
- Enlarged pores

Skin type:
- Oily, blemish-prone skin

- Astringent toner purifies skin and tightens pores without stinging or irritating sensation
- Helps regulate sebum secretion
- Bi-phase formula activates active ingredients by shaking
- Mattifying powders help absorb excess sebum and leave skin shine-free
- Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften skin
- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

How to use:
- Shake well before use.
- Apply AM/PM to the face with a cotton pad, after thoroughly cleansing with Avène Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser.

* Avène Thermal Spring Water (75%) - Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, soothing and softening
* Cucurbita pepo extract  - Regulates sebum secretion
* Zinc gluconate - Purifies
* Salicylic acid - Exfoliates
* CTAB- Anti-bacterial
* Alcohol - Astringent, purifies. 10% concentration clinically proven to be the best tolerability / efficacy ratio
* Mattifying, anti-shine powders - Absorbs excess oil, mattifies

my thoughts:
- it did help to control my oilies, together with other oil-controlling products i use from the same line
- the powders that are shaken together with the toner solution does not come off grainy when put on cotton and patted on skin but mixes well with the toner solution, thus feels smooth on application
- lasts a long time (about 2 months already) so great bang for your buck
- very soothing and refreshing, did not irritate my sensitive skin at all
- it has a very light scent that's ever so calming, like fresh water
- i did notice my large pores got smaller
- plastic container is lightweight and the cap can be twisted left to right and vice-versa to reveal/hide the hole to dispense the product

overall, i really like this toner. i don't think i can come face to face with a toner that i will be totally gaga over for let's face it, it's function is to return the moisture to skin (depleted by cleansing), balance the pH level of skin and enable a moisturizer to get absorb easily and function better. i can say i'd be happy to recommend this to someone with oily skin like mine.

it's our church camp's 3rd day today and tomorrow we'll be leaving Malaysia after lunch. communing with God is awesome! what are you busy with today?

marvelous Monday to you all!

18 November 2011

my current skincare regimen

hey bellas! it's an eerie day at the office - all bosses and other colleagues are on leave! i only have one colleague sitting near me haha! people are trying to finish up their leaves as the year ends. i'll be having my fair share of these leaves too as tomorrow i'll be off to church camp for 4 days! i'll be leaving you all today with a post on my current skincare regimen and i'll be scheduling posts for Monday and Tuesday.

ok, so i finally decided to create another video again - i only have two including this one! lame! haha. anyway, this is the first time though i've included my face haha the last time it's my hands whose doing the "talking" lol. alright, so i've briefly went through what skincare products i use in the morning and before bedtime. if you are currently not able to see the video, don't fret as i will include my insights right below it.

Belo Glycolic Soap
Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulation Lotion
Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+

Belo Glycolic Soap
Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulation Lotion
Avene Cleanance-K Cream Gel

overall thoughts on each products:
Belo Glycolic Soap: this soap definitely cleanses my skin without leaving it tight and helps to minimize blackheads and whiteheads (you can see my review on Belo Oil Control Kit, which it is included in).
Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion: brings back moisture to my face but rids of excess oil, love this!
- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel: i'm head over heels with this moisturizer! best i've tried to date. (see my review here)
- Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulation Lotion: highly lessened oil on my face - must product to try for oily skinned individuals!
- Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+: great sunblock overall, just hoped it could be less greasy/creamy so i could really slather on more
- Avene Cleanance-K Cream Gel: sensitive skin's best pal! keeps pimple away! highly recommended.

i will write separate posts on all Avene products i've mentioned on this post/video. but for now all i can say is, "Avene, why is it that we only met recently?! You are such a lifesaver!" (or skinsaver, err whatever lol you get the idea haha)

hope you ladies found this mini review helpful. as i've said, stay tuned for detailed, one-by-one reviews!

have a restful and happy weekend ahead!

17 November 2011

open forum!

hey ladies! maybe you're wondering why i didn't put up a post earlier? two things: 1) i'm at a loss what to write about and 2) i yearn to put up something that will be really helpful to my readers.

maybe you'd been wanting to ask me a question? or a set of them? how about a look or review request? what do you want to see in this blog?

my aim is to inspire more women to embrace their beauty by the use of skincare, cosmetics and other beauty what-nots and am opening the discussion forum! tell me your thoughts! shout some comments to this post or log your insights on my cbox widget (at the right side bar).

i'll be waiting ladies! i hope the rest of your day will be fantastic. mine's not so - am so unglam because of my colds! hate sneezing and nose blowing every 5 minutes. ugh!

speak your mind ladies!

P.S. btw ladies, in case you're wondering if i went to Shiseido's sale yesterday, i did! got me a humble haul, will share that to you soon!

16 November 2011

Shiseido Sale 2011

are you going?!?!

15 November 2011

Watsons & Guardian hair haul

better late than never ladies! been contemplating what to post for today and really can't make up my mind haha. been under the weather for a couple of days now - i hate colds! been sneezing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes - so yucky! ugh.

anyhoo, you'd know i've finally decided because i'm posting now hehe. thought i'd share what i hauled at Watsons and Guardian recently - and you won't guess it: haircare products! (^_^) i cannot buy makeup for a long time (as per my hubby) so why not buy other stuff? hehe.

more pictures and short impressions after the jump!

14 November 2011

NOTD: OPI Black Shatter

exciting Monday to all of you my dear readers! it's the start of a 7-day prayer and fasting for our church's nearing camp and i'm so excited! Hope Church Singapore is going to Kuantan, Malaysia at Bukit Gambang Resort City on the 19th, whopee!

there's another beauty-related matter that made me excited - OPI Shatter!

i've initially expressed my dismay on this product on a beauty forum but i changed my mind! look at the proceeding pictures and my thoughts to know why!

over OPI Romeo and Juliet

under direct sunlight

outdoor lighting

over Nicole by OPI Light A Candle

under direct sunlight

outdoor lighting

my thoughts:
- if you're a first-time user of shatter polishes, you'd find that this is a bit tricky to apply - reason why i maybe hated this product at first. i found that i neither shouldn't thinly apply nor overapply this in order for it to shatter properly and beautifully. (case in point, swatch with OPI Romeo & Juliet was thinly applied.) you only need to apply the product in one fairly thick coat and it should do its magic momentarily.
- another key for this to shatter properly is making sure the underneath polish is dry before applying this
- it dries up so fast you really have to work on it quickly! you should've thought of how to apply it on your nails before you do or you'll ruin it and start over
- even thought it's shattered, the texture still finishes smoothly!
- since i got black, it's best used on lighter shades

do i love it? yeah i do very much now! in fact, am already looking into what other polishes i can pair this with. am also looking into getting other colored shatters now. uh-oh, says my wallet. :P

do you own shatter polishes? how are you liking or hating them?

11 November 2011

shopping dilemma: Lumix G3 or PEN mini?

i'm sorry for not posting early for today - i was busy with stuff for a basic skincare and makeup workshop i'll be hosting for my caregroup's session tonight. hope they will learn something from me and that i can really teach something useful to them haha!

anyhoo, i've been contemplating on buying a better camera for a while now. i don't have much settings available in my current one which may be hindering me from taking better quality pictures. december is almost here and hopefully my yearend bonus too! (^_^)

will you help me decide which one to get???

Panasonic Lumix G3

Olympus PEN mini

how about you? what do you plan to reward yourself with this coming holiday season?

enjoy your weekend ladies!

10 November 2011

Review: Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

terrific Thursday to yah ladies! i'm keeping my vibes positive today even when there's this work-related matter that bothered me for a few days. but i realized that my real boss is the Lord so i should not worry much about it but just prove that i work hard and He will do the rest for me. after all, we work to live and not live to work right? (^_^)

i've been more experimental with trying out hair products lately. before, giving attention to my mane will only involve 1x a year visit to the salon for rebond, occasional trims and daily use of shampoo and conditioner. pretty mundane right? so when Phoebe gave me Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, i figured i should start then and give such products a try.

my thoughts:
- the consistency is easy to work with. it's almost watery, easy to spread
- i like the packaging. the amount you need to use can be easily controlled to squeeze out and when you close the cap, there is no chance of spilling
- it has a light, pleasant scent so for ladies who are sensitive to scents, that's a heads up. as for me, i don't mind at all
- it does control frizziness although it doesn't totally tame the tresses to be sleek. it just makes your hair behave normally (sorry couldn't think of how else to describe it lol)
- i noticed that after sometime it feels like you've sprayed hairspray on your hair as combing the hair with the fingers feels a bit heavier and kinda stiff (if you get my drift). i felt like this product gives me lots of product buildup (which made me seek clarifying shampoo, which i will tackle on another post)
- since this is from Avon, i suppose this is easily available from Avon ladies and it is affordable (i got mine as a gift)

overall, this ain't half bad at all. if you're slowly starting with taking extra care for your hair, this is a good product to kick it off. i wouldn't buy another though when i finish this one, as i've found another one much better and i suppose cheaper! (it starts with L! will do a review on that on another post.)

have you tried any Avon hair products or any frizz control products? what is your experience with it?

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