Hauling @ Watsons

good morning ladies! it's yet another week ender so that alone is reason to celebrate! time to refresh our bodies from work, our minds from worries and our souls for spiritual renewal. (^_^)

for today, i'd like to share with you my recent drugstore finds at Watsons.

from left to right: Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment, Koji Springheart Black Eyelash Glue, Revlon PhotoReady stick concealer, Sex and the City Miranda false lashes

first impressions and more pictures after the jump!

since the success of my dive into Belo skincare, i've gotten more adventurous in trying out other skincare products. and thus, inclusion of this mouthful Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment. 

i picked this up because i was pondering on getting a Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask (because i fell in love with the Water Gel!) and this got my attention instead. who wouldn't get intrigued with "blackhead eliminating" and "warms up to 40C"? i sure was! this was also surprisingly very affordable so i thought why not?! i've tried this once but it's still in testing phase, so update you on that in a couple of weeks.

i've been eyeing false lashes for the longest time too. i love love love full lashes, even if it'll look over the top - that's actually me in makeup! (^_^) 

i used to own some but they were first purchases so i only chose cheap ones and they proved to be hard to work with not to mention awful to look at. since then, i've lost interest in them until i saw these babies. they look so gorgeous and not awfully fake plus they're not super expensive so i took another plunge and got one! in the branch i got this from, only Miranda and Charlotte are available. i got this one because it has fuller lashes towards the outer eye and that looks more natural for me than Charlotte's which is full all the way. i've tried to do a quick "fit" of this the other day and it was just fabuluous! however, am thinking of an occassion to wear it to, as my colleagues might wonder what is it in the day that i wore such headturning makeup accessory haha.

of course, if you're gonna buy fake lashes you must get some glue right? 

from my previous cheap lash purchase, i've learned that i shouldn't rely on included glue because it probably wouldn't work nicely. plus, usually those adhesive comes in white. i got mine in black as i want to save the hassle of putting on execessive amounts of eyeliner on it just to conceal the lash line. i hope this works well; i've seen a few reviews on Koji black glue and they were raves so we'll see.

lastly, i got ahold of Revlon PhotoReady stick concealer since i wanted to try another concealer that's not only cheaper but easily available. 

my current HG concealer is Shu Uemura Mark Cealer and i love that but this ain't half bad. i've tried this a couple of time already and it's quite good. i am a bit disappointed with the range of colors though; the branch i got this from only had three - 003, 004, 005. i don't know if other branches carry more. 003 is pinkish and a bit too light for me while 005 is darker on my skintone so i settled for 004. my first impression on 004 is that it's less yellow than what i'm used too with Shu Uemura Mark Cealer 7YR Medium. i need more yellow to coverup my undereye dark area which i use concealers primarily for. still, as i've said this is not bad and a good substitute. i just find myself putting on more product but hey, it doesn't really costs much so that's quite alright. in-depth review on this one later.

have you done drugstore shopping lately? found any keepers?

have a blessed and restful weekend ahead beauties!

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