NOTD: Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like

hey ladies, how are you all doin'? it's a sunny Thursday yet it feels like a Monday as yesterday was a holiday. i actually wish work week is like this - two days work, next day off, next two days work then next two days off. don't you agree with me? lol seriously though, i really felt much relaxed and energized with this kind of working arrangement. oh well, at least i experienced it once this year! (^_^)

yesterday i shared with you my second purchase from Luxola and i've mentioned my Luxola facebook contest price being delivered together with that haul - Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like. when i saw swatches of this online i thought "oh ok, that's a nice blue." how wrong was i? it's actually a gorgeous periwinkle blue and it's easy to fall in love with it!

i may look composed but i was really excited when i received this prize!

more pictures and swatches galore after the jump!

swatches under direct sunlight (3 coats, no basecoat or topcoat)

swatches indoors (outside lighting only, no flourescent light) - 3 coats, no basecoat or topcoat

doesn't it look fabulous?! and this is without topcoat - it is uber shiny and glistens under sunlight! i almost fainted lol. the formula is to die for as well - very easy to apply and not goopy at all, dries easily and does not thickens weirdly up to 3 coats. it dries to a shiny finish on its own - i am totally head over heels with it!

it is very hard to capture how it really looks in person and i thought maybe it's my camera. however, i scoured for swatches online from very meticulous and discerning polish addicts and it kinda looks like it really is a tad hard to capture it's glorious color on camera.

picture grabbed from Scrangie (

ok, so now i can breathe - it' s just so pretty the camera cannot appreciate it's true beauty! if you are thinking hard of getting this shade, i'm telling you don't hesitate! it's a tug of war between purple and blue, it's really gorgeous!

i can only be grateful that Luxola gave this away - thank you so much!

are you liking this shade too? c'mon, spill! and oh, have a great Thursday ladies! (^_^)

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