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fabulous heel lemmings

i was 45 minutes late for work today because i set my alarm at 6:30AM but woke up at 7:30AM! >_< the weather was so uncooperative - drizzling heavy raindrops and very chilly wind breeze. no wonder i overslept! ok, no more excuses haha! that's why even though it's almost the end of the day, i figured i still want to post an entry. ^_^

i've been following Lissa Kahayon's fashion blog for a few weeks now and i totally heart her shoe choices. so when she mentioned her shoe supplier, High Style Fancy, of course i had to check it out!

browsing High Style Fancy's online shop made me dizzy! (good dizzy that is hehe!) so many choices and all are just fabulous! i've been contented with flats for the past few years and me thinks it's time to revive my love for heels! (during college, i cannot go to school on a flat shoe, believe it or not!)

ok, so she's accepting pre-orders and usually they take 6 weeks to be delivered. here are some of my lemmings:

(note: al…

Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex for Combination/Oily Skin liquid foundation

good morning to you dear readers! i feel very energetic and positive today after a refreshing Holy Spirit encounter last night at my church. ^_^ i really am glad - wait, that's not right, am overjoyed! - that i embraced Christianity. Jesus makes me happy everyday!

ok, so i've been meaning to tell you about a foundation that i've just came across with. since i'm living in Singapore, i want to keep up with what's new and/or highly raved about products here. i noticed most of the blogs i previously follow are either based in Philippines or US - none from here. so while i was browsing for such sites, i came across roseannebeauty's blog. her post for the day was about her top 5 drugstore best foundations. i read each recommendation of foundation and figured i should try Revlon's because i needed a long-lasting foundation for an event at the time that i was one of the makeup artists. i swatched all five shades that are available at Watsons (Sand Beige, Nude, Warm…

NOTD: OPI Let Me Entertain You

good morning ladies! i only had about 5 hours of sleep yet i woke up feeling great - i hope you are too! ^_^
a while back i posted about some polish haul i had from OPI and today am gonna feature one of those - OPI Let Me Entertain You. this polish is so aptly named, when i looked at my fingernails after application i was indeed entertained - can't stop looking marvelously at it.

OPI Let Me Entertain You is the one at the right

oh so pretty right?!
the light may have downplayed the color, in real life it looks more pink with violet undertone. the glitter are not chunky and was very easy to apply, coat after coat. this is definitely a heart-stopper, i really didn't want to take it off, it's that gorgeous! this also dries fast, with or without top coat (i use Poshe).
i give this polish two thumbs up! i just love it. ;D

do you fancy glittery polish too?

Buying brushes: time to go green?

hello my dear readers! it's the end of another work week and am sure your weekend is already full of plans to unwind and destress. as for myself, my weekend is quite eventful - tonight, i'll be attending my weekly lifegroup to refresh and re-uplift my spirit; tomorrow, i'll be coaching my daughter on her upcoming Continual Assessment Semester 2 (it's comparable to third quarter examination in Philippines) in the morning, cooking something fabulous for my palate-discerning hubby for lunch and attending a victory party in the evening for the win of our sub-district Central Yahweh for our entry to our church's recent event, Fiesta sa Bayan; Sunday, another opportunity to praise, worship and commune with the Almighty God and if I'm blessed enough, have some more goodies to shop for afterwards! ^_^
speaking of shopping for goodies, i came across one of Renren's post the other day and it piqued my interest - green brushes, oh la la!

Bdellium brushes are sadly only …

Sephora haul: Benefit Cha Cha Tint and Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser

8th of August was my son's 9th birthday. we went to the movies to see Rise of the Planet of Apes at Golden Village in Great World City. the movie started 10pm though and we were there at about 7pm so we had time to kill. and that's when i visited Sephora and went out with some goodies. ^_^

since i read about Benefit Cha Cha Tint in the recent issue of Elle magazine, it made me curious. i've wanted to buy Benetint and Posietint before but when i tried them at the counter either they are too dark or too light. that's where Cha Cha tint got me - it was just the right tint. ;)

Benefit describes it as a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain so i actually thought it is yellowish - thank goodness it isn't. i came from the Philippines and mangoes there do not come close to the color of this stain - this one is orangey. ironically, the color kinda scared me at the counter but i still tried it on. and good thing i did, that's when i fell hard for it! i vowed i will have it!


Watsons find: Nicole by OPI

visiting Watsons is a great way to discover new (or not so new items but definitely new to you) beauty products to try and probably love later on. most of the time, when i come in Watsons i only get in to get essentials that i've listed earlier. i've never really took time to just browse every aisle and see what jumps at me. when i was at Clementi Mall last week though, i did just that. and that is how i came across Nicole by OPI.

what caught my attention was their pen nail polish line called Nic's Sticks. i thought it was nifty to have a handy nail polish pen to bring around and will not break (i broke a MAC nail polish once which was inside a makeup bag - so sad!!!) so i stretched my hand out and pick a shade that called me - Indigo Go-go.

>> More pictures and swatches after the jump <<

first makeup gig - dry run

yesterday i talked about what brushes i used for my first makeup gig. now let me show you how my dry run went on with one of the performers - her name is Karen.

here she is without makeup - very pretty girl!

now onto her transformation!

no flash

with flash
products used:
Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex Warm Golden
MAC Medium Mineral Skin Finish
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Nocturnelle e/s
MAC Black Tied e/s
MAC Femme-Fi e/s
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Black Extreme
Maybelline Lash Stilleto Ultimate Length Mascara
MAC Brow Shader in Soft Charcoal/Maple
NARS Orgasm
MAC lip conditioner
MAC Supersequin l/s

she has great skin to start with - only had few minimally pigmented pimple marks and no dark undereye circles. she's a makeup artist's dream model! ^_^

ok, so i started checking if her skin have excess oil, maybe needed toning then moisturizing but it didn't so i proceeded to put on foundation using Charm Foundation Brush. i must admit i had a …

great buys: Charm Flat Top Brush and Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set

i've been eyeing Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set for the longest time but always find an excuse to not buy more makeup brushes. last week though was our church's Fiesta sa Bayan event and our group (called a subdistrict, Central Yahweh) needs makeup artists. i was asked to be one of them and i thought i really need a PRO set. it was the perfect excuse to get it finally! and i couldn't be happier with my decision! ^_^

i got this from Sophie Uy of BeautyAndMinerals and she was very easy to transact with. she made sure to ship my item ASAP and even threw in a free shipping, how nice! while i was browsing her online shop, i also came across the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush. am a sucker for flat top brushes so it had to go in my shopping cart too! ^_^

ok, will let the pictures speak for themselves now. ;)

looks so pristine!!

pretty, pretty, pretty!

the light pink handle is just a hint of girliness and indeed charming!

fluffy, compact and dense bristles!

rolled up it already looks very …

Orly Royal Navy and OPI Last Friday Night

how's your weekend going lovely ladies? as for myself, i've got some catching up to do here since August came in and i lost track of posting again due to work load. >_< also, 2 weeks ago my daughter caught chickenpox and i took leave from work during the first 3 days to look after her. in one of those days, i managed to play around with my Orly Royal Navy and OPI Last Friday Night.

ok enough chatter, onto the pictures!

pardon for the cuticles - am a cheapskate and refuse to go to nail salons here for a mani (S$25 for a decent one, so expensive!) so i've been delaying it

for some reason the glitter on Last Friday Night seems to look chunky (prolly due to the lighting) but i assure it is not the case, it really just looks pretty. one of my sisters (in Christ) actually borrowed these two nail polishes just because she saw it on me and loved it!

me thinks this combi is great for flashy or late night events like partying or dinner with friends.

hope y'all like it. h…