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stalking Melissa ... and fantasizing about her!

For the past months, I've been watching Melissa up close. Before you judge me and take me for an obsessive stalker, I'm talking about the one you can find at ZALORA Singapore.

I'm the type of online shopper that keep tabs on my wishlist and thinks many times over before buying something that usually don't go on sale. This is the case with me about Melissa shoes.

A few years ago, I only found out about Melissa through other bloggers posting about this supposedly comfortable yet trendy shoes. At the time I find it unattractive, as the designs available seemed more appropriate for a child. Don't shoot me - that's how I felt before. However, as time passed by, I noticed their line evolved into what I would definitely buy. And now, I want to share with you my wishlist and why each has a soft spot in my heel - oh wait, it should be my heart hehe!

Gold is the selling point of this shoe. I'm a sucker for gem-colored shoes and if it's gold- or silver-toned, I…