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holler for Victoria's Secret: MMM is alive!

i know i've been seriously neglecting my blog for months now. my apologies to any of you out there who are waiting for my updates. lately i've lost motivation on continuing to put up any posts. i've started blogging in 2008 (if my memory serves me right) and at that time, i just really love to write about my passion for makeup and other things beauty-related. however, the combination of workload, church responsibilities as well as my distaste for more and more blogs getting commercialized (read: posts that are pure endorsements instead of honest and unbiased reviews which blogs were known for once upon a time) contributed to my laziness to post. i'm glad to report though my love for anything girly didn't fade. if you follow me in FB, Twitter or Instagram, you'd know what i mean. still, i want to make it up a bit by putting up this short update. 
i don't really have a central theme to this post as i've literally just thought of doing this post impromptu…