Ode to Phoebe

if it's one pleasant surprise i experienced and continue to experience in beauty blogging is that even though some people view makeup as shallow, this is one commonality that kikay (girly) girls get acquainted with. but it doesn't end there - it blossoms into friendship. ^_^

and so, i'd like to dedicate this post to one dear beauty blogger whom even though i've not met personally yet gave me such inspiring, striking and heartfelt words of encouragement - Phoebe.

(oops! hope you don't mind me taking this down from your twitter profile pic sis hehe, you look so cute!)

i was really touched by the gesture of trying to meet me for dinner even though you lived far out in the South area, sending me a "comfort" treat and reassuring me of God's abudant love with a simple but touching note. that is not having met her yet! i know am in for a treat when i finally sit down, talk and have a laugh with her. ^_^

thank you sweet, sweet Phoebe!

if you are curious of what she gave, have a look:

Avon Lotus Shield and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

i'm really loving Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel! it actually made me realize that even though i've oily skin i still should use moisturizer and it will tremendously help absorption and effectivity of all the other skincare products i use. will do a proper review on that one later.

i've only tried Avon Lotus Shield once and i quite like it. i'm on a hair volumizing phase right now though so i've not used it daily yet to have an accurate feel of it's effect. will update once i have.

btw, i don't want to forget what she told me so i posted it on my wall graffiti and look at it everyday!

she wrote: 'Great to hear that because of His unconditional love, you're now well and saved! :) Hope you like my little "comfort" treat!'

truly, it's a great pleasure to be known by this sweet lass. til we meet in person sis! ^_^

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