FOTD: Sex And The City Miranda lashes

good morning dear readers! sorry for lack of post yesterday, i had to rush to get my renewed Employment Pass and my children's Dependant Passes. Singapore's MOM is so efficient, the entire duration of retrieving it there was 15 minutes - our trip to go there from work is a lot longer haha. Can you believe that? That is what i don't miss in Philippines - crappy government service. Everything else, well I do. LOL

so for today, i wanted to share with you my first attempt in wearing falsies and it was a fun experience! last friday, i shared with you my Watsons haul and included there is my very first decent false eyelashes (because i've bought cheap and crappy ones before that i eventually just gave away) which is from Sex And The City Miranda edition. many of you got excited about it, i mean who wouldn't? in the packaging, it already looked uber gorgeous! in person and upon application, it is so much more!!!

so i did a simple FOTD - no colorful eye makeup and neutral lips - because i really want the lashes to take center stage. and it sure did!

i was in great awe how i looked like after i put these babies on - instant gorgeousness! no wonder lots of ladies are addicted to this stuff! i just love how it opened up my eyes and made me look & feel sexy!

i actually skipped some steps like putting on mascara before putting on the lashes because i'm really new at this and i didn't know i needed to do that. still, it looked great - i don't think anyone would've approached me and directly stare into my eyes and tell me, "you didn't curl and put on mascara did you?" LOL but i'll definitely take note of that in the future for better looking EOTDs. i've also had a bit of difficulty putting it on at first. the packaging says use tweezers but for the love of me, i just couldn't figure it out. eventually, i just held the center of the lash with my bare fingers and attached it gently while shaping it into the curvature of the eye. it took me more trials on my right eye than my left eye, i had to keep on removing the glue and repeating all over. (btw, i love the glue i used - KOJI Springheart Black eyelash glue! review on that later.) i also didn't anticipate that i needed to put eyeliner first before the lashes get attached, so i haphazardly put it all over the lashes afterwards, it was crazy! :p anyway, i think in the FOTD it wasn't that obvious so it's good. :D i also felt a little uncomfortable at first but i think it's because this is actually the first time i really had them on and i didn't put on mascara, which i suppose will help support them.

overall, i love love love falsies now! i used to just dream of wearing it but always afraid of not being able to use them after hauling (like the first time). now i learned that investing a li'l bit more could go a long, long way than being too cheapskate about it hehe. i plan to practice more on using these babies as the first time of application took me a long time as i was figuring things out along the way, which delayed me a lot hehe - good thing i didn't put on eye makeup! it could've taken me forever then hehe. i might upload a video on how i go about applying them but i have to find the time to do it first lol. anyway, i'll surely update you if i did!

since am now a falsies convert, it was the first thing i grabbed during my recent trip to Watsons - Dolly Wink upper AND lower lashes, addicted now i know! - update on that on my next posts! come to think of it, maybe i should grab Sex And The City Charlotte as well? gosh, this is breaking my bank!

do you love falsies? what is your first experience with it? share share share!!! (^_^)

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