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29 March 2010

only 3 days left to win a Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express mascara!

hurry ladies, join now before the contest ends!


25 March 2010

Moss Scape + Fresh Green Mix

been missing my MAC paint pots for a while so i thought of resurrecting one - Moss Scape.

Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer (undereye)
MAC Moss Scape p/p - (all over lid)
MAC Fresh Green Mix e/s - lime green on inner to middle lid, marbled green on middle to outer lid
MAC Femme-Fi e/s - highlight
MAC Penultimate Eyeliner - lashline
Laura Mercier eyeliner - waterline
MAC Browshader Soft Charcoal - brows
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara - lashes

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
Aromaleigh URFP Peaches and Cream
MAC Nuance blush
MAC Bombshell l/s

i can't believe that my Moss Scape p/p is still very moist after a year! it also made the mineralized eyeshadow i used to stick like am using UDPP without foiling them, awesome!

also, i'm finding it prettier to wear peachy blushes now. huh, and i thought i'd never ever stay a week without a pink blush. i should get more peach blushes then, as now i only have one and the rest are all pink!

do you like springy/summery makeup nowadays too?

24 March 2010

watsons haul

hi ladies!!! sorry been MIA a bit. load at work is crazy right now. :-/

just want to briefly share my Watsons haul over the weekend.

got Dove conditioner, Dove cream soaps, Clean & Clear Self-Foaming Oil-Free Facial Wash, replenishment multivitamins for the kids and Watsons Passport

am loving the Clean & Clear Self-Foaming Oil-Free Facial Wash! the self-foaming feature makes it uber cool! ;D

how was your weekend?

21 March 2010

accessories haul

my family went to Jurong Point yesterday to hopefully see a movie but there were no interesting movies that the whole family can see. How to Train your Dragon is on but only in 3D so we didn't see it - the hubby and i can't stand 3D movies, we get dizzy! as we leave the cinema premises, my daughter saw an accessories store and she got a ponytail & 2 black hairclips while i got 3 giant colorful hairclips.

my fave is the first one - deep purple almost like indigo. the last one reminds me of MAC Art Supplies' Blooming Lovely lipstick.

afterwards, there wasn't much to do in that mall so my kids asked to head home. not wanting to waste this trip to the mall, i made a quick plead to buy new shoes as i am in bad need of flats. i browsed several boutiques but didn't find anything interesting until i went in Charles & Keith. i asked assistance to fit 3 pairs but i didn't get any of them. the first one look ugly on my feet, the second one only had one size bigger than my size and the last one didn't have my size. bummer! i was ready to accept am not taking home any until i saw a cute jaguar-printed pair of flats! i crossed my fingers and hope that they have my size... and they do! and oh, i fell in love with it instantly. of course, it went home with me. :D

hope your weekend was full of pleasant surprises like mine ladies!

20 March 2010

Goldmine + Rush Metal

i know yellows/golds don't look flattering on me, but i really like Rush Metal and i wanted to spruce up my day because the weather was a bit gloomy yesterday.

Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer (undereye)
UDPP - (all over lid)
MAC Goldmine e/s - inner to middle lid
MAC Rush Metal p/g - applied wet on middle to outer lid
MAC Fairylite p/g - applied dry on browbone
Maybelline Eye Studio Creamy Gel liner - lashline
Laura Mercier eyeliner - waterline
MAC Browshader Soft Charcoal - brows
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara - lashes

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
Aromaleigh URFP Peaches and Cream
MAC Nuance blush
MAC Heatherette Hollywood Nights l/s
Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Champagne Glow

happy weekend girls!

19 March 2010

my first TSS piggies

i've been intrigued with The She Space pigments for the longest time and about five weeks ago, i was able to put my very first order with them. i got 6 pigments in total - Powdered Diamond Dust line. to be honest, the anticipation almost killed me because the description of the colors were exciting. boy was i wrong that i will reorder - i think this will be my last order with them. :-( you'll know why in a bit.

in case you can't make it out, the date encircled in red says March 11. they sent it to me 4 weeks after i ordered it, a week later than their promised 3 weeks. *sigh* take note, i got this yesterday so the actual shipment only took 1 week to Singapore. this is one of the reasons why i won't be a repeat customer. Aromaleigh sent me my eyeshadows in less than 10 days i've ordered them previously and that was when i was residing in Manila, which has a pretty shitty postal service. moving on...

i appreciate that everything was packed in nicely and nothing spilled out. and oh yeah, they are now known as About Face Cosmetics. i like the former one better.

anyway, here is the sales pitch of the Powdered Diamond Dust line:

*picture taken from The She Space website

Have you ever walked past a jewelry counter and been stopped in your tracks by a gem-stone that just seemed to be alive? The twinkling stone seemed to take on a life of it's own, and out of the corner of your eye something made you turn your head. Well, imagine that subtle twinkling effect in a powder that when layered across lids and lash lines just seemed to dance. Each of the colors pictured below is created by layering a fabulous coated mica into a velvety black base, and the end result is simply dazzling. Perhaps you will choose to take your look from day to dinner and merely swipe a bit of these shades as a contour! Maybe you'll apply them with a dampened eye liner brush and create a stunning effect along your lash line. Basic colors reach a fever pitch as they are suddenly transformed into twinkling beams of light. Even if you tend to be senstive around your lash line, fear not. These are NOT created with any form of glitter, just a truly revolutionary new coated mica! For any woman who has ever wanted to really draw attention to her eyes, Diamond Dust Powder Pigments are a dazzling addition to any makeup bag!

*pictures taken from The She Space website

Zelda's Revenge

Bubble and Burn


Lucky Charm

Shards of Glass

Stolen Soul

how can i resist not getting all of 'em?! OK, that was my mistake!

left to right: Zelda's Revenge (Copper and Pink), Bubble and Burn (Golden Copper), Asylum (Metallic Lime Green)

left to right: Lucky Charm (Violet Blue), Shards of Glass (Silver), Stolen Soul (Turquoise)

i suppose now you know why i HATE these pigments - they're all black! in the website pictures, i know that there is a black base but you can totally see the colored shimmer. i took a hundred shots yet i can't make the colors pop. what a bummer! now am stuck with 6 full sized black pigments. >_<

if there are any colors i like, it's only the Asylum and Lucky Charm because at least i can clearly make out their colors in person even if i can't capture it in camera. but the rest, was a huge disappoint - US$2.50 each.

if there's any consolation though, i do think this will make a great liner. but i won't need 6 3g jars of pigments for lining my eyes! T_T

18 March 2010

White Queen inspired look

since seeing Alice in Wonderland, i can't help but admire the character's makeup. i really am itching to do Red Queen's but am pressed for time today so i thought it'll be easy to copy White Queen's instead.

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
Aromaleigh URFP Peaches and Cream
Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer (undereye and lids)
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing - brows
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara - lashes
Milani Minerals Luminous blush
Laura Mercier Creme Lip Colour in Seduction
Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour in Amaretto (on top of Seduction)

initially i thought, "this look is going to be simple to recreate". so not true! look at me, very dark black brows don't suit me at all haha i almost looked like a guy. ~LMAO~ very prominent lip shade also seem to not look very flaterring on me overall as my lips are already full to start with - putting on dark lip shades made it look even fatter. haha. oh well, but this look was fun to try. :) if there will be a challenge on this look, it would be the very pasty white face. it suited Anne because she's white to begin with. it could more fun to wear a white wig as well. ;)

maybe i really should've stick with Red Queen's look? i should work on concealing my brows if i will still continue my attempt with that one hehe.

17 March 2010

Freshwater + Jardin Aires ... on my daughter

the other day my daughter asked me to put on makeup on her just for fun. i have a feeling she'll follow my footsteps one day being kikay (girly). ;~D

on her:
(eyes) MAC Freshwater all over lid, MAC Jardin Aires p/g on browbone and MAC Penultimate Eye Liner on her lashline
(lips) MAC CremeSheen Glass Creme Anglaise

wow, what do you know? blue suits her too, just like it does on me hehe.

16 March 2010

Black Tied + Silver Stroke

went to the office looking like this last Friday. it was the first time i also used my UDPP.

Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer (undereye)
Urban Decay Primer Potion - all over lid
MAC Black Tied e/s - all over lid
MAC Femme-Fi e/s - highlight
MAC Universal Brow Marker
MAC Brow Shader (Soft Charcoal)
MAC Silverstroke f/l - lashline
L'Oreal Telescopic mascara - lashes
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing - lashes

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
MAC Blonde MSF
MAC Pleasantry (cheeks)
MAC lip conditioner (lips)
MAC CremeSheen Glass Creme Anglaise (lips)

i must say UDPP is a bit better than TFSI. my eye makeup started to crease 12 hours after putting it on - with TFSI usually it creases after 10 hours. it certainly has a bit of an advantage but for S$32 a bottle, am thinking twice because i don't know if it will last longer than TFSI since it's on a weird looking bottle everyone says i must saw off to get every product inside while TFSI is on a tube am sure i can squeeze all the product of. it was still good to know how it works though, sort of i don't have what-ifs haha.

hmn, does than mean trying their shadows next? :D

15 March 2010

let there be gifts!

Marcia of Let There Be Shopping have a fabulous giveaway!
Click here to join before it ends (28th March).


am currently in love with this unique nail color. no wonder lots of nail addicts have it on their nail arsenal. this color is sooo cool, it looks like blue-indigo-violet in different lights/angles. it has purple and pink reflects in it, for me this color looks like a gem! applying this color sort of jumps start my turning-cold love affair with nail polishes. oh.. love love it! ~_^

13 March 2010

Sephora haul

last week, i was able to finally see what Sephora ION had to offer and am glad i dropped by because i just found out Urban Decay already reached Singapore's shores! of course, i had to get their Primer Potion.

the other day my family and i went to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland so i thought of looking for UD's Alice in Wonderland palette. they were sold out! darn. i was also tempted to get their 24/7 glide-on eye pencils but i remembered reading reviews that it doesn't stay long on oily lids... too bad! hmn... but now that i've mentioned it, maybe UDPP application before lining my eyes will help? haha am fueling my lemmings lol.

wow, i think i'll get addicted to UD too. *gulp*

i noticed they also have the Guerlain Cherry Blossoms Jeu d’Ombrelles Eyeshadow Quad and got curious. damn, the deep burnt eggplant shadow called to me!!! but i was disappointed not to get one because it's the only color i love in the palette and the set costs S$87! *sigh*

2nd shade from top to bottom, left to right

2nd shade

*all pictures courtesy of Temptalia

i was disappointed not to get one because it's the only color i love in the palette and the set costs S$87! *sigh* i was very hesitant to leave the store but then i couldn't really swallow splurging like that. i'd appreciate it if anyone can let me know if you know a good dupe for that color! :) if i can't find one, am just hoping MAC Spring Colour Forecast Quad #3 has one that will appeal to me. if not, maybe need to assess MAC Fig. 1 although i feel that shade i want is more matte and darker. *sigh sigh sigh*

hmn, need to watch out Sephora closely. who knows maybe they'll relaunch NARS again here and introduce new brands too! **excited mode**

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