why i blog about beauty

good morning to you lovely readers! pardon me for not blogging for a while, it's really a challenge to blog properly when you have to mix it in admist being busy with family, church commitments, learning to play the keyboard and work. but even if i miss posting sometimes, i still blog as much as can. why, you may ask?

this is what inspired me to put up today's post. for those of you who do not know, i am a born-again Christian since December 2009. every week, my brothers and sisters-in-faith together with my family gather to celebrate our lifegroup - which is what we call our smaller group within our church community where we share our lives together for God's glory. so, last week's theme was about the essentials of life and in our discussion, i realized that i am slowly getting lured again by the materialistic nature of the beauty industry. the urge of wanting the latest product... the addiction that comes with wanting to hoard as much products as i can... sleepless nights thinking of what to haul next. eek, am i really getting back to my old self???

i used to be very obsessed about makeup back in 2008 when i started blogging (my handle then was still moiheartsmakeup, which i eventually deleted and subsequently i put up this new one). i remember that whenever there is a new MAC LE release, or new trend in cosmetics, i'll be closely watching and putting my orders in ASAP. i'm active in beauty blogging and makeup forums. basically, i breathe and eat makeup. i was too immersed that i became pushy towards my hubby to buy me these things even if we argue they are expensive and sometimes very unpractical. there are times i have kept purchasing secretly just to avoid arguments with my husband. in short, too much attention on makeup was making me do wrong things and potentially wrecking my relationship with my husband. there came to a point my life was so messed up that i decided to put an end to moiheartsmakeup. there was no peace, amidst all the pretty things i was surrounded with.

but then i met Jesus, He was knocking all this time but it was the first time i heard it and i finally let Him in my heart. of course, i've heard of Him before. i basically grew up knowing Him. but i knew Him before as a distant God, in Heaven and may not hear out a sinner like me. but everything turned upside down (in a good way) when I received Him. that's when my life perspective changed. i realized that God loves me so much that He wants me to be happy to do things here on earth as long as I put Him first, for when i do that all things shall be aded unto me. i started beauty blogging again but my makeup mojo was not as hyped up as before. i had a long hiatus with makeup and blogging early this year because i was busy and happy serving in church. there was this time though that God spoke to me in my prayer that i should cultivate my gift and not suppress it, so that people will know it is He, the Almight God, that blesses me. that's when i started loving makeup again. i even volunteered being an amateur makeup artist for one of our church events. it was a great feeling to give your best to God and hear from sisters-in-faith how they loved my looks and how they are eager to learn from me. indeed, i was shining for the Lord. but then recently, i was slowly just centering with hoarding beauty items again. i was missing my alone time with God. 

which made me realize that i should not forget why i blog about beauty. if i can remember correctly, i put up a blog not because i wanted to boast about my hauls or my makeup looks and certainly not because i wanted to be popular. i started beauty blogging because i realized i can reach out people with my enthusiasm for makeup and inspire them to embrace their flaws and highlight their assets. i don't have an expert opinion but mine's a beauty fan's perspective, which is what a budding makeup enthusiast may just need. i remember i was posting in makeup forums to answer questions about beauty products by giving my opinions and reviews of them. it may not be a big deal to some but believe me, those things matter to most girls like it did to me before. it's really the support and inspiration that i intend to instil in this blog. and with that i know, my Lord is delighted in me. ^_^

please do not take my faith against me. i'm not saying that loving makeup is sinning or will make you a bad person. what i'm saying is that my obsessions with it really does not make me a better person and instead i should always remind myself that it's just a part of my life and not the entirety of it. that, now that i know God personally, i prioritize Him first before everything else. and that gives me unspeakable joy and inner peace i swear i've never felt before i knew Him. that i blog simply out of wanting to inspire and support people who are into my interests, which in this case is makeup. if you do not agree with my opinions, i do not wish to persuade you and you can always stop following my posts. know though that i do not want to see you go, i just really want to show and express God's love for me and how it changed my life. and in this case, that affected my beauty blogging. ^_^

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have a great day ahead beauties! ^_^

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