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hair makeover planning

i'm only 10 sleeps away from returning to Manila -- hurrah!

because of the anticipation, i did some online makeover at on what cut i want to have at courtesy of my hairstylist Wheng of Affascinante Salon. the testing of hairstyles are pretty funny for most looks that don't suit my face but for those that suit me, i actually realized that the best cut for me are those with layers or straight hair. sometimes i can pull off bangs but only sideswept and even then, it needed to be the right length or else my face looks changed - literally i can't recognize myself hehe.

here are what caught my fancy:

lip lovin': MAC Slimshine Tropic Glow

hi ladies! i just came back from church camp at Desaru, Malaysia last Sunday and i don't think i've yet recovered from it lol. i still think about it, i actually wish it can be a month-long event! it's that memorable and fun!

anyhoo, i just want to briefly share one of my basic makeup look - foundie / mascara / blush / gloss.

i don't want to call it my natural look because i think looking natural is like having beautiful skin but still not having that "wow, it looks more polished" aura, if that makes sense. i actually want you to ignore everything and focus on the lips - that is what i like about this look.

i used MAC Slimshine in Tropic Glow. if i used my hubby's DLSR, i suppose the picture could be crisper although i like how it turned out.

how are you treating your lips today??? (^_^)