Honey, I've Met Askmewhats!

in the world of beauty blogging, there are three things i look forward to the most: hauling, makeup application and meetups!

when Nikki (Askmewhats) told me she's coming to Singapore, i really insisted we meetup! (^_^) 

we settled to meet on their last day in Singapore since i'm only free during weekday lunch and that is the day they are available for that time. i promised her Indonesian BBQ treat that hopefully she won't forget. we were giddy exchanging tweets online.

then the day came. i took the morning off just to make sure i spend ample time with her and not rush off if i were to go to work still.

excited me!

i was late for about 15 minutes (i missed the bus so i had to wait another 15 minutes >_< ) but thankfully, she isn't as i was worried because i gave them the wrong floor to meet in Plaza Singapura. good thing they found it and she was even the first one to call on me haha i was that tuliro! and perhaps excited to see her hehe.

we readily greeted and hugged each other and i ushered her and her hubby, Keith, to the inner corner of Kopitiam, where it's much cozier and colder. before getting seated, Nikki readily gave me her gift - aw, uber sweet! i was really shy to give mine because her's is a collection while i only gave one. (>_<) i just really wished she loved it because i thought what i gave her will look nice on her. (^_^) anyway, after that we ordered from Riverside Indonesian BBQ - chicken for me without curry, chicken with curry for Nikki and fish without curry for Keith. when we were done with the main, i introduced Chendol to them, although i don't think it was as a big hit as the Indonesian BBQ was lol. still, i was just so happy to share with them food i like in Singapore. 

love her smile, Miss Universe! thanks Keith for taking our photo! (^_^)

amidst all the talking and eating, it felt like we've already met each other! Nikki's that friendly and warm! not to mention uber pretty and sexy pa! i just adore her! (~_^) i even got to know her hubby who i only get glimpses of in her blog on some short mentions hehe. they're both so chatty, i didn't have time to be uber shy! although i think i still was a bit haha. i think they are a cute couple and very good company indeed. (^_^)

time passed very quickly and it was time to say goodbye - Nikki and Keith need to go back to their hotel and checkout while i had to go back to my work lol. they were very nice to walk with me to the bus stop and wait until i get on in one. it was really hard to part ways but i know this will only be the start of many more meetups with her. and hopefully with more beauty bloggers soon.

another beautiful blogger, inside and out, personified. thanks for including me in your itinerary Nikki! LOL and i enjoyed our meetup and chikahan. til our next date! (^_^)

and oh, just look at the generous gifts she showered me!

isn't she the best? love yah sis! (^_^)

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