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China Glaze Sexagon

this is the polish i was wearing on my Maybelline Magnum mascara review post.
please excuse the terrible cuticles! :P

it's a beautiful silver holo. it applies thinly but you can layer to achieve the coverage you want. if you're lazy or in a hurry, you can skip putting top coat over this and it will still look gorgeous. unlike other CG polishes, this one dries fast and applies thin.
what nail polish are you sporting lately?

Dorothy Perkins + Victoria haul

begged the hubby to buy some work-appropriate clothes and so i wound up shopping at Dorothy Perkins (in Plaza Singapura) last weekend.
i got:
a bow-belted floral-printed skirt - S$66

isn't the print detail screams spring? i think it's fab!
2 workshirts - S$36 each but got for $59 for 2

a black reptile-skinned replica purse - S$26

my bill totalled S$151 so i was given a membership card for free! i get to have 20% discount on my birth month when i visit them - can't wait for next month!
we ate lunch at McDonald's and while the hubby and kids munched away on their burger and fries, i sneaked out and bought cheap but cute earrings!
dangling earrings - 2 for S$10

have you done any shopping lately?

a closer look at Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof mascara

i was intrigued by all the publicity for this new mascara. several bus stop ads and Watsons counter posters grabbed my attention - i just had to know what the fuzz is about.

been able to try this mascara for over a week now. i like it's effect and hold.
here is a short pic realization of it's effects:
clean lashes
after 1 coat
after 2 coats
in terms of building up volume, i agree this packs on the goods. there are no fibers included (which Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing has that i loathe), but the usual creamy product. it's reasonably priced too, probably cheaper if i got it in Manila. and it stays on until you remove it, because it's waterproof.
one of the things i didn't like about it though is the applicator. it was chunkier than what am used to from L'Oreal's and Majolica Majorca's. it was a bit hard to work it, you'd had to be very careful to apply it or you'll end up applying mascara in all the wrong places as well as clump your lashes if y…

changed for the good: Shu Uemura Mark Cealer

for months, i've been meaning to get an overdue replacement for my Shu Uemura Pro Spots Concealer (i've acquired for like 3+ years already). but there were just so many considerations on my mind (MAC Studio Sculpt, Benefit Boi-ing, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, MUFE HD Invisible Cover Concealer) i don't know which one to pick. i realized however that i love Shu's so why switch? besides, all of the other brands i've been eyeing are western brands and am on an asian beauty product vibe so why jinx it hehe.

so when i went to Takashimaya's Shu counter i was shocked to find it gone - or changed. it's called differently, packaged differently and even applies differently. i'm however surprised that the price stayed the same - S$55. affordable and very good value for money, as my previous one lasted for years.

before i show you a li'l demo, here are some visual comparisons:

box still looks the same except for the product name

bottles look similar except for …

cool & warm

happy Friday ladies! i want to share the looks i did for the last two days - one cool and one warm.


Shu Uemura Mark Cealer 7YR Medium (undereye)
UDPP - all over lid
MAC Warm Chill e/s - all over lid until browbone
MAC Blacktrack f/l - upper lashline
MAC Browshader in Soft Charcoal - brows
Maybelline Magnum Volum Express mascara - lashes

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
MAC MSF Medium
MAC Nuance (cheeks)
MAC lip conditioner
forgot what i had on my lips!

what i love about this look is that the color enhances the eyes without overpowering your natural features compared with darker shadows that make you look like a completely different person. this also made me appear nice without looking overly sweet hehe. i believe pastel greens and teals are my shades of green.

onto the warm one.

Shu Uemura Mark Cealer 7YR Medium (undereye)
UDPP - all over lid
MAC Retrospeck e/s - all over lid until browbone
MAC Blacktrack f/l - upper lashline
Laura Mercier eyeliner - …

miracle makeup remover: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

i came across Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil while browsing this month's issue of Female magazine. my The Body Shop Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (which i use as a face makeup remover because i use Lancome Bi-Facil to remove eye makeup) was running out so what a perfect time to try a new one.

this is actually a cleanser that claims to be "gentle on skin, yet tough on makeup". it also promises to remove makeup WITHOUT THE USE OF COTTON. how cool is that??? so i definitely had to try.

it's currently packaged in Limited Edition Snow White Fairytale Collection 120ml with complimentary 20ml that sells for S$33. well, i've shelved out S$48 for an eye makeup remover (Lancome Bi-Facil) so why not less that amount for an overall makeup remover?

here is the sales pitch:

Makeup removal is now blissfully easy with MILD CLEANSING OIL. This powerful formulation comes enriched with Meadow Foam Oil, which removes kertain plugs and keeps pores clear for a clearer, smoother complexion.


my new fave facial cleanser: Clean and Clear Self-Foaming Facial Cleanser

the other time i posted my Watsons haul and i've discovered a fab facial cleanser - Clean and Clear Self-Foaming Facial Cleanser. got this for S$9.50.

(click the images to enlarge images)

what got me intrigued with this is that it's self-foaming. true enough, when you dispense the product it's already foamed for you - ready to slap on your face!

as it's already foamed, you straight away put it on your face and lather! after rinsing, my face felt clean without being stripped away of all oil. my face felt free from dirt but not dry at all. love this!

can't think of any disadvantage prompting me not to recommend this one. (^0^)