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21 August 2014

Lemming: MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Limited Edition Collection

It's been a very long while since MAC came up with a limited edition collection that truly excited me. And I'm elated that this one does very much!!!

I'm contemplating on the flat buffer brush and blush. I like the lippie too but I think I already have a similar shade in my stash.

I'm not a neutral eye makeup kinda gal but I'm slowly realizing I cannot keep on putting on colorful eyeshadow as I grow older. And this eyeshadow compact looks neat. I am loving the lip pencil and blush too!

Hope I could still find some stocks when I hit the MAC counters!

Are you captivated by this collection too?

30 June 2014

stalking Melissa ... and fantasizing about her!

For the past months, I've been watching Melissa up close. Before you judge me and take me for an obsessive stalker, I'm talking about the one you can find at ZALORA Singapore.

I'm the type of online shopper that keep tabs on my wishlist and thinks many times over before buying something that usually don't go on sale. This is the case with me about Melissa shoes.

A few years ago, I only found out about Melissa through other bloggers posting about this supposedly comfortable yet trendy shoes. At the time I find it unattractive, as the designs available seemed more appropriate for a child. Don't shoot me - that's how I felt before. However, as time passed by, I noticed their line evolved into what I would definitely buy. And now, I want to share with you my wishlist and why each has a soft spot in my heel - oh wait, it should be my heart hehe!

Gold is the selling point of this shoe. I'm a sucker for gem-colored shoes and if it's gold- or silver-toned, I'm in love.

Interesting details on a shoe catches my eye. The geometrical metal design on this flats make it irresistible to me! So dainty yet very modern.

I'm positive 9 out of 10 girls want to feel like a princess most of the time, if not all of the time. That's exactly how this makes me feel like. The elegant design exudes femininity to the maximum level! 

Sometimes I love rocking out shoes as well! This embodies an edgy chick with a sophisticated taste.

Working in the office doesn't have to be boring! Shoes for the office can also speak out one's personality without being very loud. I think the sleek style yet bold color speaks louder for this shoe's owner of her confidence. And that I love! Also, this is born in collaboration with Lagerfeld!

I am a believer that deep within every woman lies still an innocent little girl. One who just adores the cute and lovely things like ballet shoes. Although this may be a long shot for my calves are a bit on the thick side (ouch), it doesn't hurt to recommend this for those who has legs I fantasize to attain one day.

Did you like any of the above? I'd like to know if you happen to think there are other designs I might like too! Leave me a comment below and let's get giddy together over Melissa shoes! (^__^)

^Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Zalora.sg

11 April 2014

tress tales: from braided to beachy

I could say that hair styling is my Achilles' heel. I don't know why but it's something I really struggle to be good at. As much, and may be more, as other women say they would love to learn how to put on eye makeup as prettily and boldly as I do, I'd be so thrilled to be mentored to be even decent at taming my own mane and maybe even make it look interesting. So I really consider it a treat when I sport a beautiful hairstyle.

Last Sunday, I sang for the children service at our church - Hope Church Singapore. The worship team, made up of musicians and singers, can consult with the image ministry to check how they look before they come on stage and minister to God's people through praise and worship. I'm very glad and privileged to be a part of both these teams - as a singer for the worship team and a makeup artist in the image ministry. In the image ministry, there is this sister that's got mad braiding skills. Her name is Jhess. When I asked her to put up my hair so it won't fall on my face while we're jumping up & down while singing and at the same time make it look adorable, she delivered that and wowed me when she worked her hands on my locks!

I'm not familiar with braid styles but I don't think I could do even a very simple and neat french braid haha. I love how she made it look appropriate for ministering to kids without looking overly childish. In fact, I think she made me look innocently pretty lol! When she was done, I kept asking her if it's really done because it was finished in 5 minutes! Brilliant! I envy her skills! I really believe we all have God-given special gifts. (^__^)

When I came home from the service though, I became sad because I was so not looking forward to unraveling my locks. (T__T) Boohoo, I will lose the pretty braid. But lo and behold! I was pleasantly shocked when it looked effortlessly beautiful when I undo the braid!

*pardon the naked face* :P

To be honest, I never imagined myself looking good with crimped beach hair. I always see my face bulging when I introduce waves or curls on my hair. This though very much reminded me of this look:

*taken from pinterest.com*

Albeit her waves are comparatively larger but the effect is similar - effortlessly sexy! Now, I'm feeling determined and inspired to try harder at this hair styling business. 

Care to share what hair style spices up your monotonous hair life? 

Blessed and restful weekend everyone!

07 April 2014

food - no, wait - "shoes" for thought?

I know this blog is dedicated to makeup but in the recent months, I can't help but be obsessed with shoes like never before. I'm the type of gal that can live on two pairs of shoes - one for work and another for going out. But lately, I've purchased boots, wedges and flats. I guess I'm a late bloomer when it comes to discovering my taste in fashion. Or perhaps am reinventing myself. Whatever it may be, my feet are pretty happy. Although, as always, my wallet isn't. LOL

I'm not sure what it is that attracts me specifically to a certain type of shoe yet but I know I'm staying true to myself with my choices. Take for example these:

Usual thing that comes to my mind when it comes to buying shoes is, "Can I use it for work?" No surprises there. But I must say, I'm tired of wearing black shoes all the time. Bright colored footwear is a very good topic to break the ice with a colleague you bumped in the hallway. (^_~) And if you know me, I love colorful stuff!

Sometimes I want to be comfortable and boring (read: blends with crowd) but not really. This shoe fits that perfectly. It's black but it's studded. Ordinary but not ordinary. I know, it's a tug of war.

Other days, I want to feel effortlessly Grecian princess-looking (even in my early 30s haha). These are just perfect for those flowy Grecian or maxi dresses. Very chic without really trying. The color is not so harsh too. Love 'em.

For hanging out with my family, I usually wear shorts. I don't have great gams so I like dressing myself up by putting on interesting and structured comfortable shoes. This sandal also showcases beautifully pedicured toenails.

More and more, I also buy shoes when they are trending. Not to impress anyone but usually to be in tune with the season and wearing the right shoes at the right time of the season makes perfect sense. Spring is in and summer is almost coming soon. Shoes with colors themed to these seasons really puts a smile on my face!

I think I'm not helping myself by drooling over these online goodies hehe. But I do love shopping online as it's convenient -- i can choose to do it anytime of the day! Hmn, I better ask my hubby now to allow me to use the credit card haha. Off to Zalora.sg! If you like these gorgeous shoes, these babies are from Steve Madden. Oh, you didn't know they're available in Zalora.sg? You're welcome! (^__^) They also have a COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option, how cool is that? Plus, they entertain returns! Waste no time in checking what they offer now! (~_^)

Tell me, are you lemming for some shoe candies for your footsies now? Care to share them with me? I'd love to learn more about shoes!

^Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Zalora.sg

21 March 2014

Dynamic Duo NOTD: Deborah Lippmann On The Beach & Ciaté Kaftan

Fantastic Friday pretty readers! I thought I'd wake up my blog with a short and sweet post. (^_^)

The hubby has been nagging me to clean his toenails for the 3rd time this week. You guessed right, I gave in finally hehe. After doing my wifey duty, I thought, "Why stop there? Slap on some colorful mani!" And so, Deborah Lippmann On The Beach and Ciaté Kaftan united to make me one happy lady!

What seemingly small thing put a smile on your face or perked you up today?

Have a blessed and restful weekend ahead!

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