Review: Sleek Makeup Pomegranate Blush

hey ladies! today i wanna continue sharing about the things i got from my 2nd Luxola haul - my first Sleek blush in Pomegranate.

pictures and swatches!

sleek and elegant packaging - you wouldn't even think this is a drugstore brand!

swatches applied with moderate hand twice, under different lighting

healthy, natural flush don't you think?

just pretty!

here are some looks i did using this blush
(pardon in advance as i only had my iPhone available taking shots of my looks!)

as you can see, it's not as deep as you can see in the pan. this is achieved thru applying with a light hand. you can opt to layer more if you deem that the color does not pop as much as you'd like.

my 2 cents:
- the product is generous for it's price! 8gms for S$14? value for money indeed!
- pretty hue, very natural looking when applied moderately. can be dramatic if applied with another layer (more would make you look like a clown already!)
- shimmer was subtle, it gave a beautiful flush of color and glow without making my cheeks look shiny (i've oily skin)
- very pigmented! will last a long long time even with daily use.
- initial opening of the product was a hassle! i actually thought it would never open! i broke a nail while opening it. (T_T) but when i saw what's inside it's like i didn't inconvenience myself at all hehe.
- can only be brought online. i bought mine from a Singapore-based online shopping site, AFAIK, other countries can only order directly from their US website.

i'm actually inclined to buy more hues from Sleek blush line!

do you own a Sleek blush? how are you liking or hating it?

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