Review: Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph

i wish you a warm and toasty Tuesday ladies, as i tremble in coldness in the office - brr! i already have a sweater on and still am freezing waaaaahhhh...

anyhoo, to distract me from that i want to talk to you about my new frequently used brow liner - the Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph. i first saw an ad in a magazine about new products and this was among them and it definitely caught my attention. it has this very bright packaging and the size of the liner is like that of a big crayon - i instantly loved it! so when i went to Sephora, i made sure i got this.

very good pointers and tips for brow noobs like moi! i really don't try to master the art of perfecting brow grooming and makeup but this simple pointers prove very helpful! in fact, i still have the box and don't have intention of throwing it away (unlike what i do with other boxes, straight to the bin!)

my thoughts:
- i find the packaging very vibrant and cheerful, from the box to the actual product.
- the crayon is very easy to handle and use, i just hate thin eyebrow pencils!
- the brow shaper is creamy and does not tug the skin, thumbs up! i find though that frequent usage will dull the point so you'll need to have a sharpener handy, which i don't mind doing. i had to use a spoolie brush though after applying this because the creaminess of it sorta "sticks" the hair together, in comparison with using brow powders. good thing i'm loving Charm Spoolie brush, it's one of my staple everyday brushes!
- the shade of the brow shaper is a little to the darker hue and i can always notice that on pictures especially because my hair is lighter. if this was available in another lighter shade, that would've been awesome!
- the brow shaper has quite few shimmers in it but not really noticeable shiny once applied on the brows, only upon swatching
- the higlighter shade is matte, easily smudged and does a good job of highlighting
- applying color to the brows has never been easier and faster! i used to use a brow brush and a brow powder to apply brow color and another lighter eyeshadow for highlight but now it's all in one product, loving that application time cutoff!
- if you're the type of person who carry very small bag or purse, you might it a bit annoying that this is tad larger but i usually put on makeup at home so i don't bring this most of the time except when am travelling, which by then i put it in a makeup bag
- i usually don't mention prices in my reviews but i think this is value for money at S$18. some thin eyebrow pencils are priced at half of that but i feel that the quality of this product is unbeatable

can you tell i love this product?! i will be happy to repurchase this and recommend especially those with darker hair. how about you, what's your fave eyebrow product nowadays?

take it easy for the rest of day bellas!

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