thoughts about my recent Sephora haul ... and haters!

lovely morning ladies! it's still a public holiday today here, it's Hari Raya Haji - wohoo! i actually just woke up and proceeded to write this post tee hee.

before i get on with what i recently got at Sephora, i want to briefly share with you a hater experience i just came across with. there's this commenter who posted comments on my concealer showdown post and in my review of my first Sleek blush. in the showdown post, he/she first used an anonymous nickname and a bogous email address and told me that he/she "thinks that one should seriously invest on skincare rather than makeup". i figured it's not a malicious comment yet i really felt like there has some sarcasm into it and i felt that she's referring to my syringomas, which may appear as cystic pimples to most people and may give her an impression that i am neglecting my skin. if you are not aware, syringomas are harmless sweat duct tumors which can be removed by carbon dioxide laser, electrocautery or other surgical methods but all of these treatments can often leave scars on the face. the scars are due to permanent damage to the tissues and not much can be done to remove them completely. so unless they do not bother you much you may simply want to leave them - and that's what am doing. anyway, i approved that comment at the time but thought i'll answer it at a later time. but only after a day, the same commenter logged comments again - this time at the same concealer showdown post and in my Sleek blush review post under a new nickname which is the same handle used by another blogger who i've known to be not the same person. he/she is a lot bolder with her sarcasm and rudeness this time, punning about my bright eye makeup and totally making fun of my wart. that's when i started to look closely and realized that this is the same commenter but used an existing email account. with a little digging, i found that this email address is connected with a yahoogroup of a Pinoy's disbanded band. the only female in the band is the vocalist so it's logical to think it's her that's leaving those comments, after all she commented on the post that she also owns the same Sleek blush. anyway, i also found out she has an active twitter account and ironically, mentions in one of her tweets that she wants others to fill her shoes first before judging her. i opted not to publish her comments to avoid encouraging her, making her think her comments attract attention and make her famous through my blog. but i can't help but wonder, why pick on me? i don't think my blog is famous for her to publicize herself with. and the way she picks on me, maybe she thinks she's prettier than me then why bother wasting her time reading and commenting on my posts? i'm just human so i admit her comments are hurtful but i am certainly not discouraged to post entries that will make me expose my face again because this blog is dedicated to inspiring real women with real issues about their face or skin or whatever beauty-related concerns they have. after all, i want to spread information on what works on me and what doesn't in hope that other women will benefit from it. clearly, this lady isn't interested in those things but i still thank her for keeping the internet traffic to my blog flow. as they say, haters are your biggest fans! (^_^) so i'm sorry hater, but there's nothing you could say to me that'll break me because i am happy with how i look, imperfections and all. God embraced me when i was so broken that now i'm alive in Him, nothing and no one can take that happiness inside me! i sure hope you'll get to know God personally too maybe then you'll have true joy in your heart and you'll be able to work on your inner issues instead of wasting time making others feel bad and miserably fail. :P

so now that is put aside, let's get on with the fun stuff! (^_^)

a couple of weeks back, i went to Sephora ION and got a few items. believe me i wanted to get more but i really tried very hard to restraint myself from buying a lot more!

from left to right: MAC Hot Paprika, OPI Black Shatter, MAC Pink Frontier, China Glaze Shooting Stars, Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph

from left to right: MAC Hot Paprika, OPI Black Shatter, MAC Pink Frontier, China Glaze Shooting Stars

Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph

China Glaze Shooting Stars

OPI Black Shatter

MAC Styledriven Collection's Pink Frontier

MAC Styledriven Collection's Hot Paprika

my first impressions:

MAC Styledriven Collection eyeshadows in Hot Paprika and Pink Frontier - superb pigmentation and applies like butter, so easy to blend! i've used them both and although only Hot Paprika shows up great on my skintone, they're both very unique and pretty colors in my opinion and great buys!

Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph - i've never liked eyebrow pencils before but this changed my mind! it came with simple instructions on how to draw the perfect brow everytime. i loved how this is chunky and made it easy to handle; that's what i dislike about eyebrow pencils, they're very thin.

OPI Black Shatter - ok, i've got mixed feelings about this. i really want to love this because i think this needs some practice to look pretty, as i've seen on some swatches online. i've yet to work on this better so i need more time to play with this before i can conclusively have a final say.

China Glaze Shooting Stars - oh this i love! it's so pretty worn alone and even as a topcoat on another polish. the formula is fantastic too, it dries quite fast too. i just love this!

i'll be posting detailed reviews on these products soon so watch out for them. in keeping with the post title, i'd just like to thank every reader that comes across my blog - whether you like it or not. as they say, what doesn't break you makes you stronger so thank you for my critics for making me stronger! (^_^)

enjoy the rest of your bright and sunny Monday ladies!!!

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