Review: Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

terrific Thursday to yah ladies! i'm keeping my vibes positive today even when there's this work-related matter that bothered me for a few days. but i realized that my real boss is the Lord so i should not worry much about it but just prove that i work hard and He will do the rest for me. after all, we work to live and not live to work right? (^_^)

i've been more experimental with trying out hair products lately. before, giving attention to my mane will only involve 1x a year visit to the salon for rebond, occasional trims and daily use of shampoo and conditioner. pretty mundane right? so when Phoebe gave me Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, i figured i should start then and give such products a try.

my thoughts:
- the consistency is easy to work with. it's almost watery, easy to spread
- i like the packaging. the amount you need to use can be easily controlled to squeeze out and when you close the cap, there is no chance of spilling
- it has a light, pleasant scent so for ladies who are sensitive to scents, that's a heads up. as for me, i don't mind at all
- it does control frizziness although it doesn't totally tame the tresses to be sleek. it just makes your hair behave normally (sorry couldn't think of how else to describe it lol)
- i noticed that after sometime it feels like you've sprayed hairspray on your hair as combing the hair with the fingers feels a bit heavier and kinda stiff (if you get my drift). i felt like this product gives me lots of product buildup (which made me seek clarifying shampoo, which i will tackle on another post)
- since this is from Avon, i suppose this is easily available from Avon ladies and it is affordable (i got mine as a gift)

overall, this ain't half bad at all. if you're slowly starting with taking extra care for your hair, this is a good product to kick it off. i wouldn't buy another though when i finish this one, as i've found another one much better and i suppose cheaper! (it starts with L! will do a review on that on another post.)

have you tried any Avon hair products or any frizz control products? what is your experience with it?

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