Review: MAC Styledriven Collection - Pink Frontier and Hot Paprika

i want to deeply thank all of you who supports my blog and shout out your kind words lately - i totally appreciate each and every one of them! may God bless all your hearts! (^_^)

it's been a while since i've hauled MAC eyeshadows because i've still got lots of them - whether single pans or in palettes - and i haven't finished any yet ever! i've hit the pan for Femme-Fi but it's still enough to use so really i don't know when i'll be able to finish any of these colors. :p but that fact didn't stop me from hauling eyeshadows from the MAC Styledriven Collection as these are pro longwear eyeshadows and the color selections are just lovely! i wanted to haul 4 more actually but the price kept me from getting more! (they retail for S$39 each!) so even though i liked Styledriven, Sunny Outlook, Tease With Ease and Fresh Flare, i turned my back on them with sadness and just walked away with Pink Frontier and Hot Paprika. talk about being dramatic! LOL anyway, i've chosen these two because i don't have any similar shades like these two in my makeup arsenal and i don't think i've ever seen such colors before so i just had to snag them. btw these are about the same size as the mineralized eyeshadows from Red She Said Collection (circa 2008, remember Danger Zone?), bigger than the normal eyeshadows (which retail for S$23~26 i think).

ok, so enough talk and more pictures!

Pink Frontier

Hot Paprika

swatches are applied on skin, no primer initially applied underneath

on Pink Frontier: i love this color. i've never come across a pink-gold hue before so this definitely intrigued me the most in the eyeshadow line of this collection. and yet when i used it on my eyes, it fell flat. (T_T) this applied beautifully on my hands but it doesn't exactly match the undertones of my facial skin. it was almost invisible even when i try to put on layers of it, just for it to show. it was frustrating. (T_T) but do i hate it? nope. i would probably use this on someone else and hopefully it'll show up prettily. this color stays put and blends easily. if not it not showing up on my skintone, i'd make it a keeper.

on Hot Paprika: i salivate for this color! there was something that lured me into getting this. it is orangey but not in a scary way that it's pretty. it's like burnt orange, has that red tinge to it. again, it striked me as a color that's unique (imo) and i just had to have it. this one shows up on me and complements my skintone perfectly. i never thought that this will be neutral-ish and if you know me, i stay away from neutral shades since i look dead wearing them. but this definitely didn't! lots of you girls complimented how it looked on me on another post (which the FOTD i'll be showing again later) and i agree! my conclusion? i think i should pick shades that are in the family of neutrals but still have brightness to it, not mostly shades of browns. same with Pink Frontier, this stays put and blends with so much ease! this is definitely a keeper.

here is how i wore Hot Paprika:

on outer V, with MAC Goldmine on inner lid and MAC Bitter on middle lid

as the main color, on inner and middle lid

i didn't post FOTD for Pink Frontier because it really looked blah on me. i've tried several times to use it but just to no success. oh well!

did you get anything from this MAC collection?

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