NOTD: China Glaze Shooting Stars

marvellous Monday everybody! i had a difficulty getting out of bed this morning - really wanted to sleep longer! but of course, need to head for work and put butter on our table! (my hubby brings the bread haha cheesy i know!)

anyhoo, i realized that i've gone a bit carried away with reviewing Avene products haha and i've still some products on their line left for me to review but i wanna get back and review the rest of the recent Sephora haul i got. so for today, i wanna brighten up my blog with a post on glittery polish - just because all this rain is not cheerful at all! LOL

i've no idea what collection (China Glaze) Shooting Stars was part of but when i saw it at the Sephora CG stand i can't resist it!

used alone, under direct sunlight

used alone, indoor daytime lighting

although it's pretty on its own, i got curious and tried pairing it with other shades i own.

bare polishes from thumb to pinkie: OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, OPI At Your Quebec and Call, China Glaze Gussied Up Green, OPI Overexposed In South Beach and Orly Liquid Vinyl (two coats except for OPI At Your Quebec and Call which was three coats, no topcoat)

jazzed up with China Glaze Shooting Stars!

it prettifies the polishes although i favor those darker shades especially over Orly Liquid Vinyl. it actually reminded me of a polish i want to buy but now realized i can actually dupe it - can you guess??? it's Deborah Lippmann Forget You! although i might try Orly Liquid Vinyl with Milani Jewel FX Gems instead (since that resembles Debora Lippmann Happy Birthday closely than China Glaze Shooting Stars).

my thoughts:
- love the formula of this polish! compared to Milani Jewel FX polishes (i own Gems and Gold), this has a much thinner clear base that applies easily and dries fast
- i find the combination of more small glitter specks with a few bigger hexagonal pieces made it a breeze to apply as opposed to all chunky hexagonal glitters, perfect for glitter novice nail polish aficionados
- i do not need to apply topcoat anymore whether i use this alone or on top of another polish as i've said it really dries quickly

i heart this polish, i love pairing it with dark shades! this is a happy realization as i don't usually mix 'n match polish shades due to laziness haha.

how do you like Shooting Stars or any other glitter polish faves? rave about it here!

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