Watsons & Guardian hair haul

better late than never ladies! been contemplating what to post for today and really can't make up my mind haha. been under the weather for a couple of days now - i hate colds! been sneezing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes - so yucky! ugh.

anyhoo, you'd know i've finally decided because i'm posting now hehe. thought i'd share what i hauled at Watsons and Guardian recently - and you won't guess it: haircare products! (^_^) i cannot buy makeup for a long time (as per my hubby) so why not buy other stuff? hehe.

more pictures and short impressions after the jump!

i've been on a hunt for a clarifying shampoo since i've been using hair spray and frizz control products, they've been building up residue on my hair which makes it a lot more brittle!! (T_T) well, i did a leap of faith and got TRESemme deep cleansing shampoo and the recommended partner, remoisturising conditioner. it was a great decision to get these! never felt my hair so manageable, shiny and naturally feeling healthy for a long time! i'll post a separate review on them soon.

i've discovered Lucido-L while looking for anti-frizz products that i can replace Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield with. i thought of trying this because Nikki of Askmewhats previously commented she loved their products. she was so right! i love that these comes in smaller jars, perfect for trying out and travelling. been using the Ex Treatment (Silky Sleek) for weeks now and i am hooked! not yet tried the Round Ridge (Bouncy Curls) yet but will soon. review and more insights on these on a separate post.

the last item i hauled is an accident. i was already on my way to the cashier when i noticed this as it was beside Lucido-L products. the name already catches my attention: Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail. even the packaging is uber enticing! it promises to smoothen out tangled hair - who hasn't experienced that one time or another? i know i have, especially when i wake up in the morning or after piling on so much products on my hair that i've residue buildup. i've tried this twice but i feel like i should put it to a test so i'm testing it still and will post a review later.

never knew i'd add another drugstore must-visit: Guardian!

do you lassies spend on your tresses? what are your must-haves?

enjoy the rest of this rainy Tuesday!

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