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17 November 2011

open forum!

hey ladies! maybe you're wondering why i didn't put up a post earlier? two things: 1) i'm at a loss what to write about and 2) i yearn to put up something that will be really helpful to my readers.

maybe you'd been wanting to ask me a question? or a set of them? how about a look or review request? what do you want to see in this blog?

my aim is to inspire more women to embrace their beauty by the use of skincare, cosmetics and other beauty what-nots and am opening the discussion forum! tell me your thoughts! shout some comments to this post or log your insights on my cbox widget (at the right side bar).

i'll be waiting ladies! i hope the rest of your day will be fantastic. mine's not so - am so unglam because of my colds! hate sneezing and nose blowing every 5 minutes. ugh!

speak your mind ladies!

P.S. btw ladies, in case you're wondering if i went to Shiseido's sale yesterday, i did! got me a humble haul, will share that to you soon!

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