Terrific hairday at Affascinante Salon

I recently went back to Manila for vacation since my kids had a one week school holiday and I had to see my Uro for my followup checkup (have you heard, am stone-free already - thank GOD!!!). One of the plans that materialized during that trip is having my daughter's hair rebonded - for the first time - and getting my hair colored since my regrow is showing already. I went straight to my trusted stylist, Wheng of Affascinante Salon.

My daughter before rebonding:

My daughter after rebonding:

Huge difference right? My daughter can't hide her excitement. She now appreciates beauty a li'l more - she hates putting on makeup because it takes a lot effort she says. Ah, we're total opposites hehe.

Of course, it's the mother's turn next! I didn't have a before picture though I took after shots in different lighting. Btw, i asked Wheng to color my hair reddish brown. Also, in case you're wondering she used Framesi coloring products.

With flash:

Without flash, flourescent lighting:

We both had a free haircut and intensive treatment - Wheng is uber generous and pampering of her clients! I paid a total of PhP4,800 - PhP3,500 for rebonding and PhP1,300 for my color.

If you want to give their services a try, visit http://affascinante.multiply.com/ for Affascinante Salon's contact details and set an appointment. A bettet version of you is just a phone call away! ^_^


  1. Shiny locks sis! Color deets, please! :D

    And i can't believe your kid's a big girl na pala! Dalaginding with her newly rebonded hair!

    4,800 is a steal talaga considering two heads got made over! Interesting!

  2. thanks sis! sabi ni Wheng, my color is wood mahogany reddish brown daw.

    actually nung una ayaw nya pa kasi sabi ko 6 hours yung whole process saka 3 days no shampoo hehe. pero naaliw nung natapos.

    try mo sis, tell her i referred you. ;)

  3. mars ang pretty ng dawtie mo! btw, i can carry wheat sa face atelier. goodness, the way i applied it with my fingers, ftw! in denial lang ako coz i don't wanna switch for now and ayokong taubin nya ang aking holy grail haha! u can try mixing wheat and sand , see how lah!miss ya xox


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