TBS haul

i did a quick stop at The Body Shop Plaza Singapura the other day to restock on Seaweed Clarifying Toner (i'll be posting a review on it very soon!) and i got more than what i originally intended to get. since i was on a no-buy mode for quite a while, the curious beauty enthusiast in me prevailed to explore new products. :D i don't really have much confidence in their makeup line, so i decided to go for skin products and bought the Almond Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment (S$19.90).

i was able to do a quick test on the cuticle treatment and here are my first impressions:

the pen-like container is witty - it was easy to apply on the nails. getting enough product is easy as you just turn the pen once and it's usually enough for a single finger's use, maybe even two. the brush applicator is feather-like too, glides on like a dream.

i also love the smell, almost too good to eat! (am a sucker for nuts' aroma - i just can't get enough of it!) the consistency of the treatment is also ideal - not watery and not gel-like either. it doesn't slide off the skin or nails and it isn't oily too.

here is what my nails look like before applying the product (please excuse the appearance of my nails, they're clean but i haven't had a chance to get a proper manicure in over 2 weeks lol):

i then applied a generous amount of cuticle treatment all over the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin area:

i left it untouched for about 30 minutes and then wiped off the excess with my other hand.

the result: definitely smooth, rejuvenated and younger-looking nail and cuticles!

am happy to get this result for now. i'd like to put it to a month-long test though to really see the difference it can give to my nails and cuticles. will post an updated review on it then. but for now, i love it!

along with the cuticle treatment, i also got curious about their Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge (S$2.90) so i got one as well. will test it for a while as well before i post a review about it.

close up

btw, i decided to use a signature just to spice up my page a little bit more hehe. hope you gals love it as much as i do!

hope you're having a great day!

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