beach babe?

i really don't want to have another eye-tugging session later tonight when i take off my makeup (as i've yet to replenish my Lancome Bi-Facil) and so i skipped eyeshadow again. *sigh sigh sigh*

however, i don't think i disappointed myself either. ;) i saw a forum thread the other day on GirlTalk about "No Makeup Look" and if there is a look i can enter there, i think this is it. i have no more time to fix my hair so i kinda messed it up and it looked like i am going to the beach instead of work hehe.

Shu Uemura pro spot concealer (medium 7YR) - undereye
L'Egere BB cream
Aromaleigh Peaches and Cream URFP
MAC Nuance (blush)
Avon Glazewear Perfect Brown l/s (lips)

these days, i don't mind looking with not-so-perfect-facial-skin as i think it adds to the allure of "no makeup look" instead of looking all nice and perfect. and i was surprised that even with little coverage, i didn't look that horrible hehe. imperfect but not bare and yucky, you know? lol.

my boss is asking for a progress report on my ongoing project so i gotta leave y'all for now. enjoy the rest of the day! :)

zai jian!


i took some from my hubby's Canon EOS 450D and i think the shots are more crisp.

wow, really makes me think hard on getting a higher resolution camera hehe. will it be goodbye Canon Ixus 65 soon?

zai jian!

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