closer look: Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Cream Conditioner

my hair becomes frizzy everytime am in Singapore. probably because it's a lot more humid here compared to Manila. thus, i can't just be relying on simple Head&Shoulders anti-dandruff conditioner. my mane needs a little more TLC.

when it comes to hair products, am a lot experimental than makeup. i've never tracked of what hair products i've used on a long term basis as am always on the lookout for what's new, what's hot, what's working better for my locks. sometimes my tresses suffer big time but most of the time, i hit the jackpot. with Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Cream Conditioner for frizzy, dry and rebellious hair, i knew i was a winner.

it promises to nourish, calm, smoothen your hair and make it silky, sleek and manageable. and for me, it does just that. plus, it rinses off easily. all conditioners i've used before takes their time to rinse off. i actually thought at first time i've used this that it might not make the smoothening effect last a long time (because that i suppose is a myth, that if a conditioner is easily rinsed off, its effect will easily wear off as well) but gosh, i was so wrong. if there is one complain i have, it doesn't "totally" unfrizzes my hair. of course, for me that is understandable because i probably need salon treatment (rebonding) to fix that. i mean, for a conditioner the poor product have done all that it could have hehe.

so there, i just want to profess my love for it lol. so much that since my bottle just ran out, i will get another one. ;)

zai jian!

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