pucker me up!

thank goodness it's the end of the working week! i got very lazy last night and forgot to wash my eye brushes so i went with simple eyes and bold smoochers this morning.

*indoor light, no flash

Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer (undereye)
MAC Cash Flow p/p - all over lid
MAC Femme-Fi e/s - all over lid
Maybelline Eyestudio Creamy e/l - lashline
Laura Mercier eyeliner - waterline
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo - lashes

L'Egere BB cream
Joppa Medium Light #3
Aromaleigh URFP Peaches and Cream
Milani Minerals #201 Luminous blush
MAC lip conditioner (lips)
Laura Mercier Seduction (lips)

it's my very first LOTD shot and it took a lot of shots to come up with a clear and great-looking up-close shot of my lips lol. either i took a shot half of my lips or too far from the camera lens haha. am not used to capturing my lips only, as you may observe on my FOTDs. my lips are almost always unfocused as i concentrate on making my eyes look more noticeable. it's time it gets a taste of the spotlight hehe. that's why i envy Christine (Temptalia) who makes it look easy to capture every inch of her face! ;D

as for the blush, i was actually thinking of contouring my face to further emphasize my lips. but i am so darn not getting the hang of contouring. it looks fine in the mirror, but it looks like s**t in photos. like i missed those spots with foundation. eww. *sigh* better surf youtube on how to do it properly. maybe i am overdoing it. oh, i'd love the look of having chiseled cheeks like how the models look on the MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes poster. *daydreaming*

you might also notice am not a fan of lip liners, i like my lipstick to bleed naturally to my lip lines. imho, lip liners make the lips appear older so i don't want to get used to that. besides, am not very good at drawing with pencils as well (reason why i also love gel liner applied with eye brush rather than pencil eyeliners). if you want to follow my footsteps, just make sure to apply lippie inside your lip area, leaving a little bit of space for the color to bleed on. unless you want to look like your lipstick smudged, don't apply the lipstick exactly on the rim of your lips. i hope that made sense. if not, let me know hehe.

btw, the hubby hinted this morning that he finds my lip color sexy. haha. i found that amusing, interesting and arousing, all at the same time lol! he usually doesn't give "good" comments on my makeup - he once told me i looked like a parrot, because i was wearing green eyeshadow haha! i am actually a nude lippie fan but after finding that out, maybe i should wear more bold lippies than eyes - if that catches the love-of-my-life's attention! ;D no wonder red lips are hot, hot, hot! maybe it makes men feel hot? haha. ok, this is way out of line and it's still morning! lol. i better go back to my innocent persona. hihi.

lastly, it's also almost the end of the month so be sure to watch out for my upcoming contest. might announce on the very first day of the love month. (^_~)

here's to a happy and relaxing weekend ahead!

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