sharing: my "secrets" to youthful makeup

hey gals! sorry been MIA for a while. am trying to keep up with juggling my work with blogging... (-_-)

anyhoo, i've previously mentioned that nowadays i tend to lean towards simpler makeup. i think it kinda grew on me and i actually prefer looking fresh and young. :-) i know a lot of ladies are either starting on makeup, prefers work-appropriate makeup or simple youthful look so i thought i'd share some tips i noticed along the way.

1) conceal undereye dark circles and/or blemishes

it's easy to age 5-10 years with dark spots especially around the eye area and prominent acne scars/blemishes. do it appropriately because if you apply too much, you might end up caking the area and look older as oppose to what you're aiming for. if you have oily skin like me, try cream concealers. my HG is Shu Uemura Pro Spot concealer. i dot the product under my eyes and blend with my pinkie finger. you can set it with either a loose powder (for a natural look), light foundation application (for a more polished look) or a tinted moisturizer (for a barely there makeup look, especially if you have nice skin). personally, i apply concealer under foundation simply because that works for me better than foundation first then concealer. you can experiment what works with you to know what works best.

2) skip the eyeliner

lining the lines especially the lower lashline easily gives you a matured look. i personally love the look when i put on eyeliner but there are times i like looking girly instead of womanly if you know what am talking about lol. if you really must line your eyes though, i'd recommend using a shade nearest to your eye color so as to look natural. keep it thin as well and only cover the actual lashline - do not wing it or do anything fancy with it because the point is to look naturally youthful. i use angled liner eye brushes to be able to thinly apply gel liner. my HG are Sonia Kashuk's (available in the US) and Life & Companion's (i bought mine at Landmark Makati).

3) open up your eyes by curling your lashes

nothing is more youthful looking than eyes that are awake! droopy eyes can easily add 5 years to your actual age, reason why surgical lifts are commonly done in the eye area - i think hehe. if you have naturally luscious lashes, you could skip the mascara but you might want your lashes to stay curled all day. in that case, put on one coat of mascara. too much and you will clump your lashes together as well as make your overall look mature. my HG curler is Shu Uemura's and the mascara brand i heart are Majolica Majorca and Fasio.

4) rosy cheeks

ah, now this is a classic! you can actually do away with the other tips and look younger just by making your cheeks rosy. apply ample amount on the apple of your cheeks and you'd look 10 years younger instantly. :D my favorite shades include MAC Dollymix (bright red/pink) and MAC True Romantic (deep pink).

5) glossy lips

nothing says younger than full and luscious lips. even if you aren't blessed with full lips like Angelina Jolie, lip gloss application gives the illusion of fuller lips. plus, it nourishes your lips avoiding chapped lips. if you have really thin lips, you may opt to use limp plumpers (like DuWop Lip Venom) to "boost" your lip, making it look full.

there you have it. i hope these simple tips helped you in your quest for youthful beauty lol. btw, i hate to post an all-text entry so i'd like to share the "office bag" i got the other day.

got it at Charles Keith on sale at S$52.70 (UP: S$65.90).

it's a pretty big bag. i am hoping to fit my work laptop in it if i need to take it home as the bag that originally comes with it is UGLY. haha.

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