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23 November 2012

Sale alert! Luxola 30% off Black Friday sale

hey everyone, it's yet another work week ending in a couple of hours wohoo! *doing the whoop-ti-doo armshake* 

and that's not the only good news i bring to you. do you know Luxola.com has a 30-hour sale ongoing?

amidst all the Black Friday sale going on in the US, Luxola brings one to us as well here in Singapore and in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. isn't that awesome? i think i'm going to finally pick up those remaining in my wishlist, how about you??? hurry, this ends 24 Nov 2012 11:59PM. 

if you're going out tonight to unwind, be safe and have a great time! i'll "see" you for some heart-to-heart talk tomorrow. *wink wink*

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