NOTD: Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti

I mourned the day my MAC Mercenary died on me. OK it's my bad; I put it in my makeup bag without proper protection and the next thing I knew, the bottle shattered and the contents poured out like madness! The point is, I miss it. I never really took a liking to MAC nail lacquers, as they are mostly misses that hits, but that one I loved loved loved so much. I'm a bit picky with gold polish so I treasured it very much. It's LE so there's no hope in getting another now, one that is reasonable of course because if I'm mad enough to really want one I could succumb to ridiculous offers at eBay, if one's even available there.

With that said, I was thrilled when brought Nefertiti into their Deborah Lippmann line. I've been wanting many DL polishes since I became a nail polish addict and this is just one of my lemmings. I grabbed one as soon as they made it available for purchase.

All pictures are taken under natural lighting and without flash. The polish is applied in two coats and without a top coat.

This gold is lighter than 18K gold I believe and so for me I think it looks a lot more sophisticated, unlike MAC Mercenary which is an antique gold so it looks more daring. The finish is metallic and the hue is very flattering to my skintone. As with other DL polishes I own, this dries fast even without a top coat and stays on for a decent time before you can see any noticeable chipping (about 3-4 days with minimal activity involving wetting of hands). Final verdict: I really like this very much, I almost love it. I think the edgy side of me still wants this to push one more step for me to love it, like MAC Mercenary did for me, but alas haven't. Still, this is a great color to sport for mani if you want to stay classy but show a bit of adventure.

Are you loving gold mani too? What's your favorite polish? Spill girlfriend!

Take a breather after working hours pretties! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

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