Review: Paperself Small Peacock

Each morning, it is our eyes who gives us a glimpse of what another day could bring. Today, I want to share a review on a pretty enhancer to our peepers - Paperself false eyelashes. 

What probably set this apart the other false eyelashes widely available is its material - paper. You read that right - paper false eyelashes. I actually thought that it is ridiculous to market false eyelash made from paper as it is not as sturdy and waterproof as say real hair or synthetic lashes. But it's probably due to the nature of it that the design is very intricate and creative that being the curious makeup maniac that I am, made me gave it a try. I wasn't ready to commit to a full eyelash with the over-the-top designs so I got a half first - Small Peacock.

Mhean says:
- Even the most boring eye makeup will get spruced up with this lash! I fell in love with how fabulous the design looked like. It was definitely eye-catching!
- It's very easy to use and I notice the eyelash adhesive dried faster too.
- I know it says in the packaging that it's only best for one-time use, but if you're really careful with it, it can last for a few more use.
- It's a little pricey - S$28 for 2 sets of half eyelashes at Luxola. However, the originality and gorgeousness of the designs totally makes up for it.
- Due to the nature of the designs, it is not intended for everyday use - unless you work or socialize somewhere where creativity is highly encouraged.

Final verdict: If only I can wear this on a daily basis, I would get more! Still, I wouldn't bat my eyelash twice before telling someone to check it out! It was definitely worth getting.

Do you have Paperself lashes? What do you love or hate about it? If you don't own one, would you want to? Why would you? Do spill!

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