OOTD: understated animal print + peplum trend + bright skinnies + nude pumps

I want to try something new today. I don't believe I have posted an outfit entry before so I'm gonna try that. I'm still a budding plus size fashionista though so please bear with me if my look is not comparable with fashion bloggers, who are really in their zone and are actually my inspiration to spice up my wardrobe. *wink*

I wore this ensemble a couple of weeks ago while serving as a volunteer makeup artist in our church's image ministry. I got this fabulous and flattering black peplum top with puffed and ribbed shoulder part long sleeves at $33.90 from Qiqi Plus, a plus size fashion seller based in Singapore. It is so comfy to wear and lets my skin breathe as it's made from cotton. It's also forgiving because it's stretchable - perfect for a big armed lady like myself. I bought my bright green skinny jeans at 3rd (or 4th?) floor of 168 mall in Divisoria for, if I remember correctly, about PhP500+. This is actually in the men's section of the store I got it from (sorry, I cannot recall the store's name anymore) but the fit was good that I didn't care it's for guys lol. The nude pumps, I was able to score at Powerplant Dorothy Perkins during their sale for I think not more than PhP400. I thought my top and bottom already have statement so I opted to wear just one accessory, which is my deep green tassel earrings from Holic Accessories, an online accessories shop based in Philippines. You can see it better here (as worn by Nicole Andresson) as I think the lighting of my picture drowned it out. I love this as it never fails to grab (good) attention as I always get complimented when wearing it. I got this for PhP350.

What do you think of my outfit?

Be positive and productive this awesome Wednesday, my beautiful readers!

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