Orly Royal Navy and OPI Last Friday Night

how's your weekend going lovely ladies? as for myself, i've got some catching up to do here since August came in and i lost track of posting again due to work load. >_< also, 2 weeks ago my daughter caught chickenpox and i took leave from work during the first 3 days to look after her. in one of those days, i managed to play around with my Orly Royal Navy and OPI Last Friday Night.

ok enough chatter, onto the pictures!

pardon for the cuticles - am a cheapskate and refuse to go to nail salons here for a mani (S$25 for a decent one, so expensive!) so i've been delaying it

for some reason the glitter on Last Friday Night seems to look chunky (prolly due to the lighting) but i assure it is not the case, it really just looks pretty. one of my sisters (in Christ) actually borrowed these two nail polishes just because she saw it on me and loved it!

me thinks this combi is great for flashy or late night events like partying or dinner with friends.

hope y'all like it. have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. loving the glitters? does it stay long??? sorry sis di ko nabasa agad chat message mo..yup cozycot emailed me..kinda forgot it about na..lol:)


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