first makeup gig - dry run

yesterday i talked about what brushes i used for my first makeup gig. now let me show you how my dry run went on with one of the performers - her name is Karen.

here she is without makeup - very pretty girl!

now onto her transformation!

no flash

with flash

products used:
Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex Warm Golden
MAC Medium Mineral Skin Finish
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Nocturnelle e/s
MAC Black Tied e/s
MAC Femme-Fi e/s
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Black Extreme
Maybelline Lash Stilleto Ultimate Length Mascara
MAC Brow Shader in Soft Charcoal/Maple
NARS Orgasm
MAC lip conditioner
MAC Supersequin l/s

she has great skin to start with - only had few minimally pigmented pimple marks and no dark undereye circles. she's a makeup artist's dream model! ^_^

ok, so i started checking if her skin have excess oil, maybe needed toning then moisturizing but it didn't so i proceeded to put on foundation using Charm Foundation Brush. i must admit i had a li'l bit difficulty at first because am used to applying foundation with flat top brushes but since i read reviews on the Revlon Colorstay foundation that it's really heavy coverage and dries really fast, i decided to work with the foundation brush so i could apply a li'l on one area at a time. thank goodness it worked out.

next, i put on eyeshadow primer all over her lid using the Charm Concealer Brush. then with the Charm Eyeshader Brush, i applied Nocturnelle on her inner lid until 3/4 of it and until a li'l above her crease. still with the Charm Eyeshader Brush, i then put Black Tied on the remaining area of her lids. i did the same application of eye colors on her lower lid. afterwards, i used Charm Angled Shading Brush to put Femme-Fi on the remaining part of her upper lid until browbone. i proceeded to blend the colors using the Charm Tapered Blending Brush. i retouched some of the colors that are washed away a bit with the Charm Eyeshader Brush. when i was happy with the intensity of the eyeshadow, i applied MAC fluidline with Life & Companion Angled Liner Brush from the outer upper lid to create the tip of the winged liner then filled in from the inner lid until it met the tip with a Maybelline Eyeliner Brush. when that was done, i used Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler on her lashes then applied two coats of mascara on both lashes. i filled in her brows with MAC Brow Shader using a Life & Companion Angled Liner Brush. i noticed some fall off from the eyeshadow blending and i cleaned them up by sweeping the Charm Flat Top Brush with a little bit of foundation right under the eye.

the MAC MSF was applied next with the Charm Dual Fibre Brush all over the face and neck. then i put blush on the apple of her cheeks with Bloom Blush Brush. i finished off her look by putting on MAC lip conditioner and lipstick with the Charm Retractable Lip Brush.

i really had fun doing this dry run, considering my model was very cooperative. i didn't know how hard putting makeup on to someone else until i had to do it. yes, i've put on makeup on my daughter, sister and sis-in-law before but they're family and i really didn't do the whole nine yards and really had pressure doing it. back then, it's just having fun. now even though it's fun to do, there is a certain expectation to deliver my very best and at a limited amount of time. i realized the importance of having in mind the tools and makeup i will really need because when i was at that moment and i was in a bit of confusion, i was reaching for tools or makeup that i shouldn't be. that was one of the lessons i learned, to know in advance just what products i will use and tools to apply them. next challenge was the disarray of the tools i used during the session. i was using one tool, tossing it after getting done with it, then i realized i need to use it again and scrambling for it in a pile of brushes. again, i learned something - that's why it's important for makeup artists to have brush belts. there was no time to look for one so on the actual gig though i made sure that i will put back the brushes on the roll so at least they do not roll over each other and it is easy to reach for. and oh, did i mention i kept perspiring althroughout?! not sure if that was because of nervousness or because i wanted to do everything superfast hehe.

i was really happy with how Karen's makeup turned out. i needed to apply more on the actual gig because of all the spotlights on the stage but all in all, i was proud of myself. especially when the other dancers were taking notice of how great her eyes turned out and all of them were already asking me to do their makeup on the actual day. ^_^ it was a nice validation that "hey, i am good at this!" and making someone feel great about themselves with a simple touch of makeup is definitely heartwarming. ^_^

have you experienced giving someone a makeover? do share your story!


  1. Yes, I love giving people makeovers. It's such a fun thing to do.

    You did a great job, love the eye makeup. :)


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