Sephora haul: Benefit Cha Cha Tint and Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser

8th of August was my son's 9th birthday. we went to the movies to see Rise of the Planet of Apes at Golden Village in Great World City. the movie started 10pm though and we were there at about 7pm so we had time to kill. and that's when i visited Sephora and went out with some goodies. ^_^

since i read about Benefit Cha Cha Tint in the recent issue of Elle magazine, it made me curious. i've wanted to buy Benetint and Posietint before but when i tried them at the counter either they are too dark or too light. that's where Cha Cha tint got me - it was just the right tint. ;)

Benefit describes it as a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain so i actually thought it is yellowish - thank goodness it isn't. i came from the Philippines and mangoes there do not come close to the color of this stain - this one is orangey. ironically, the color kinda scared me at the counter but i still tried it on. and good thing i did, that's when i fell hard for it! i vowed i will have it!

cue pictures and swatches!

observations: the consistency is watery but a li'l bit heavier and it dries fast so it needs to be blended quickly. it stays on very well too, when i tried it on the counter and went home (about 4 hours) the color was still evident which was remarkable. i also love that it looks natural and does not feel icky after it has dried. the packaging is cute too, very nice bonus!

i got it for S$62, which i know many will say is expensive but am quite about it because for its quality and the small amount i need for each application, the cost is actually effective.

i also have been wanting to buy a brush cleanser because i recently used Revlon Colorstay Foundation (will write about that on another post) for the church event gig i previously talked on another post and using Dove soap for cleaning my brushes (see my video about that) didn't remove all of the gunk. i've tried and tested MAC brush cleanser but there isn't a branch in Great World City so i settled for Sephora's.

have not used it though, will review that separately on a later post. i got it for S$12 for 60ml which is expensive considering MAC's is only S$18 for 235ml. i still want to try out though to compare - which makes me wonder about Shu's and Bobbi Brown's too.

do you feel great when you walk out of Sephora with goodies? i do everytime! ^_^


  1. I wanna try Benefit Blush tints... but just like you said, they're so expensive. Kapag nakatapos ako at nagkatrabaho... try ko talaga yang brand na yan. :)

  2. yan din frustration ko when i was in HS/college. kaya that time i tried Avon, abot-kaya hehe. am sure ma afford mo lahat yan when you finally get to earn your own money! :)

  3. You brought my ChaCha lemming back! Pretty! :)

  4. Saw ChaCha when I was in Shanghai Sephora, super mahal dun so I gave it a skip! But it looks gorgeous nga!!!!

  5. awww!
    that cha cha looks sooooooooooooooo nice!
    love the corally flush!

  6. @Pammy: let's cha cha! (haha ang corny ko!)

    @Nikki: i thought so too, but sobrang na inlove talaga ako sa swatch. ang gandaaaaaaaaa! muntik na ko maglaway sa counter lol!

    @Thia: loves it too!


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