fabulous heel lemmings

i was 45 minutes late for work today because i set my alarm at 6:30AM but woke up at 7:30AM! >_< the weather was so uncooperative - drizzling heavy raindrops and very chilly wind breeze. no wonder i overslept! ok, no more excuses haha! that's why even though it's almost the end of the day, i figured i still want to post an entry. ^_^

i've been following Lissa Kahayon's fashion blog for a few weeks now and i totally heart her shoe choices. so when she mentioned her shoe supplier, High Style Fancy, of course i had to check it out!

browsing High Style Fancy's online shop made me dizzy! (good dizzy that is hehe!) so many choices and all are just fabulous! i've been contented with flats for the past few years and me thinks it's time to revive my love for heels! (during college, i cannot go to school on a flat shoe, believe it or not!)

ok, so she's accepting pre-orders and usually they take 6 weeks to be delivered. here are some of my lemmings:

(note: all pictures taken from High Style Fancy's multiply site)

HSF Luscious Heel Collection (PhP2,100)

i've always liked animal prints but am getting bored with leopard or tiger prints. zebra is refreshing! and the red sole is just <3!

i'm torn between black and brown! although i think brown is better... whatchatink?

i used to own a similar wedge although only 4" high (this one is 5.5"). sadly, it isn't usable or can be fixed anymore so what better alternative than to buy another? ^_^

Almond Toe Platform (PhP2,000)

ok, i know i just said i'm tired with leopard print but i just can't get past the combo of the print and blue suede -  i'm sold!

Asiana (PhP2,380)

i haven't owned a pair of boots in my life ever (because i have big feet and most stores carry up to US 9 only ): this comes in US 10 so am crossing my fingers!

i haven't filled out an order form yet but i will. am just waiting for payday 'cause our budget for now is nearing deficit haha. but tell me, aren't just her shoes love??? the images of these shoes are tattooed on my mind wah!

what shoes do you really spend on?


  1. omg those shoes are really to die for *___* i want all of themmm <333



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