Watsons find: Nicole by OPI

visiting Watsons is a great way to discover new (or not so new items but definitely new to you) beauty products to try and probably love later on. most of the time, when i come in Watsons i only get in to get essentials that i've listed earlier. i've never really took time to just browse every aisle and see what jumps at me. when i was at Clementi Mall last week though, i did just that. and that is how i came across Nicole by OPI.

what caught my attention was their pen nail polish line called Nic's Sticks. i thought it was nifty to have a handy nail polish pen to bring around and will not break (i broke a MAC nail polish once which was inside a makeup bag - so sad!!!) so i stretched my hand out and pick a shade that called me - Indigo Go-go.

>> More pictures and swatches after the jump <<

the bristles are dazzling white!

pumping product...

got some...

almost there...


although i like the color, there are a lot of misses with it. application is a pain - the bristles are hard to manouvre to get to all sides of the nail for an even coat so there is a high tendency to overcoat some areas and miss other. it's also harder to estimate the amount of product to pump in and once you've overpumped it, there is no way to put it back, which is not the case for polishes in bottles. you would think it's cheap but i actually got this for S$17.90. i wouldn't say it doesn't have ups though: it has great color payoff and as i've said, it's handy & light.

i also think it's wasteful to clean the bristles - you wouldn't want to remove the excess from it (in this example with a tissue paper) because if it hardens, it will be much harder to apply polish then. i've not tried using polish remover though maybe i ought to try that sometime - although i think there is not point as later on i will put on product again haha i confuse myself. :P

overall, i think it was worth trying this item but i will hesitate to collect more colors. i wouldn't mind getting this as a freebie though or as a gift.

since i was browsing the Nic's Sticks, i also figured i try out their bottled line. i lack frosty nail colors so i decided to get Light A Candle.

this also has great color payoff but proved streaky. i still love the color though and how soft it looks but still have that pop of color. i kinda liked the design of the bottle too, not very conventional. this also costs S$17.90. my final take: loving it! i think i can work around with the streakiness and i don't think i will have that problem with all the colors. i look forward to getting more of this actually. ^_^

have you any Watsons adventures lately?


  1. Nice! I love the Light a Candle Nail polish! :)

  2. Ah, just by looking at the photos, nahihirapan na akong gamitin siya ! the color came out super nice on your nails though!

    Would you believe I was supposed to be named as NICOLE? My parent felt its too hard to pronounce kaya Nikki na lang daw :P

  3. yah medyo nakakainis gamitin yung Nic's Sticks, sayang cute yung concept!

    nice AMW trivia! hehe. it will still suit you sis, it sounds sweet - like you are. :)


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