great buys: Charm Flat Top Brush and Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set

i've been eyeing Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set for the longest time but always find an excuse to not buy more makeup brushes. last week though was our church's Fiesta sa Bayan event and our group (called a subdistrict, Central Yahweh) needs makeup artists. i was asked to be one of them and i thought i really need a PRO set. it was the perfect excuse to get it finally! and i couldn't be happier with my decision! ^_^

i got this from Sophie Uy of BeautyAndMinerals and she was very easy to transact with. she made sure to ship my item ASAP and even threw in a free shipping, how nice! while i was browsing her online shop, i also came across the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush. am a sucker for flat top brushes so it had to go in my shopping cart too! ^_^

ok, will let the pictures speak for themselves now. ;)

looks so pristine!!

pretty, pretty, pretty!

the light pink handle is just a hint of girliness and indeed charming!

fluffy, compact and dense bristles!

rolled up it already looks very PRO! so sleek!

*sigh!* my heart almost skipped a beat!

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set includes :

1. Dual Fibre Brush
2. Large Powder Brush
3. Small Powder/Blush Brush
4. Foundation Brush
5. Angled Contour Brush
6. Concealer Brush
7. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
8. Eye Shader Brush
9. Tapered Blending Brush
10. Angled Shading Brush
11. Pencil Point Brush
12. Precise Crease Blending Brush
13. Flat Liner Brush
14. Precise Concealer Brush
15. Angled Liner/Brow Brush
16. Bent Liner Brush
17. Eyebrow Defining Brush
18. Mini Fan Brush
19. Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush
20. Fan Brush
21. Retractable Lip Brush

closeup pics!

as i've said i've used most of them already in my first makeup gig and it's easy to love 'em! will make a review when i get to use each and every one of them. wanna share one pleasant surprise though: the lip brush has a casing which is totally cool! i've never seen anything like it. lip brushes i encounter usually just have a plastic guard around it while this one has a housing on its own, i love it!

if you're itching to own a Charm brush set, order from Sophie Uy of BeautyAndMinerals now! i got this for PhP3,450. if you are in Singapore, you can also get from LushShop.

do you own Charm brushes too? how do you find them?


  1. i haven't tried charm brushes yet but they are the next on my list once i have enough money na!

    i love flat top brushes din!
    looks like it's a must to get ha!

    looking at the picture, i can imagine how soft it looks!
    how much more to the touch!
    i guess it's "orgasmically" soft!

  2. Now my lemming is back. The brushes look so nice and really made for professional use. :)

    I would love to meet you next month. :)

  3. i actually had no intention of buying the FT as well but further browsing made me! :D

    the rave now is the travel pro, if you don't really need long-handle brushes, that is much reco by Sophie. :)


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