NOTD: OPI Let Me Entertain You

good morning ladies! i only had about 5 hours of sleep yet i woke up feeling great - i hope you are too! ^_^

a while back i posted about some polish haul i had from OPI and today am gonna feature one of those - OPI Let Me Entertain You. this polish is so aptly named, when i looked at my fingernails after application i was indeed entertained - can't stop looking marvelously at it.

OPI Let Me Entertain You is the one at the right

oh so pretty right?!

the light may have downplayed the color, in real life it looks more pink with violet undertone. the glitter are not chunky and was very easy to apply, coat after coat. this is definitely a heart-stopper, i really didn't want to take it off, it's that gorgeous! this also dries fast, with or without top coat (i use Poshe).

i give this polish two thumbs up! i just love it. ;D

do you fancy glittery polish too?


  1. sis, it's so gorgeous! im not so sure i could sport this though... ive always liked things that do not draw that much attention... haha. ang baba ng confidence hehe.

    this is such a good polish. i love that the glitters are not chunky :D

  2. it's super fab isn't it? ako naman i've always liked everything about beauty that is dared not to be explored by the norm hehe. papansin ba? LOL

    in another POV, subtle is great too. there are times less is more, so don't say you don't have confidence! maybe that suits you better di ba? ;)

    the glitters are very easy to work with. there are some polishes with chunky glitters that appeal to me as well as long as it applies easily or just really looks so so so pretty!


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