Buying brushes: time to go green?

hello my dear readers! it's the end of another work week and am sure your weekend is already full of plans to unwind and destress. as for myself, my weekend is quite eventful - tonight, i'll be attending my weekly lifegroup to refresh and re-uplift my spirit; tomorrow, i'll be coaching my daughter on her upcoming Continual Assessment Semester 2 (it's comparable to third quarter examination in Philippines) in the morning, cooking something fabulous for my palate-discerning hubby for lunch and attending a victory party in the evening for the win of our sub-district Central Yahweh for our entry to our church's recent event, Fiesta sa Bayan; Sunday, another opportunity to praise, worship and commune with the Almighty God and if I'm blessed enough, have some more goodies to shop for afterwards! ^_^

speaking of shopping for goodies, i came across one of Renren's post the other day and it piqued my interest - green brushes, oh la la!

Bdellium brushes are sadly only available in US as of now at Naimie's Beauty Center. They do ship internationally but thru Bongo, which would require one to register to get a US address the item/s will be delivered to first before further delivering it to your international address. Hmn, that makes me wonder is it worth to try? Nevertheless, it looks so inviting! I've never seen such brushes before, and frankly, I am keen to get items that not so many people (or bloggers) rave about too.

have you any rare but greatly raved finds on the internet? do tell!

and oh, have a great and blessed weekend!!!


  1. I love greens but not on brushes. The bristles look soft though. :)

  2. OMG!
    green brushes!
    how nice!

    pink is great but green is fabulous!

    are you going to try that service?
    if you do, let us know,right?
    i have been really curious of sites that offer such services

  3. @Pammy: Renren say they are high quality. It must be. Only one way to find out hehe.

    @Thia: my heart skipped as well when i saw them! To be honest, am a bit "sawa" na with pink brushes, even though i only have 2. course i'll update! Although kung ok ma te tempt na ko lagi! You can consolidate orders kasi before shipment to your actual intl address. Nakaka excite na scary (sa wallet). LOL

  4. Sis! super pretty naiba nga ang itsura ng brushes! :)


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