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19 July 2011

nail addiction re-awakening

hi ladies! i'm happy to post a beauty entry again - i know it's been ages. am active in FB though. (^_^)

during my December vacation in Manila last year, i was able to hoard a bit on nail products. i ran out of basecoat (i previously finished a large bottle of Orly Top2Bottom) and need replenishment ASAP. i still got the same basecoat but in a smaller size and i picked out another one - Orly Tough Cookie.

lately, i've noticed that my nail are getting chipped easily and more often so i decided to try this. so far, i noticed it's quite effective - i like it. i also wanted to try my luck with green polish and got me Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.

i like it but my affection for it seems to last only for a day. after that, i can't wait to take it off my nails. :-/ i dunno, maybe green polish and I don't mesh well. i really like blues/purple better. hmn, interesting - that's the same taste i have on eyeshadow colors.

anyhoo, i also got some OPI nail polishes - OPI Show It and Glow It! and OPI Let Me Entertain You.

these colors come in a set that includes a free face and body shimmer. got it for almost PhP800 at Rustan's Essence in Robinson's Place Manila. i love Show It and Glow It! - the glitters are just blinding! love it. (^_^) Let Me Entertain You is just ok for me although i love the glitter too but not so much the color.

moving on, about a couple of months earlier i got Topshop Matte in Singapore.

i can't remember the exact price but i think it's about S$13. it's supposed to make your nail polish - guess what? :P - matte. doesn't that sound cool? that's the only reason why i got it. :D so far, it does what it's supposed to do but haven't tried it on every polish i have to know what type of polish it's best to apply on. further updates on that later.

i think mid-March i got ahold of OPI Last Friday Night at Sephora Singapore. pretty glittery blue!!!

last first week of May, i also finally got Sephora Collection Glass Nail File.

it's been on my shopping list for months and now i finally own one! i love it! it's housed in a clear plastic carrier like a test tube and has a lid. to use it, you simply shape and smooth nail edges, run it under water and it's good as new! how can i not love it?! the reason why i kept postponing buying it is the price - it's a bit steep at S$16 but now i definitely know it's worth it. :)

last week, i went back to Manila for my third ESWL. before my surgery, i got the chance to shop a bit and got Orly Royal Navy. i actually took a photo of it but i only produced crappy pics so i'll just borrow from Scrangie's:

isn't it lovely?!! can't wait to try it out one of these days.

any stories about your love affair with nails???


Askmewhats said...

oh my goodness! The Blue Orly polish is fab! super gorgeous!!!

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