Haul: Suesh tools and Brush Guards

i admit - i'm a late bloomer when it comes to discovering Suesh but i definitely am loving their product line! i adore that they concentrate on makeup tools especially for makeup artists (or wanna be's like me mwahaha). it's the very reason i tried their products; i was looking for a brush belt and that started everything. ^_^

I was looking for a brush belt and I found out that Suesh has one but at the time I thought they only are selling in the Philippines. I got ahold of Sheryl from Manila thru their facebook page and referred me immediately to their Singapore distributor. I had very smooth transaction with Suesh's Singapore reseller, Che. She offered to meet me so I could personally see the products first before I purchase them. Before that, she also told me delivery is free if I choose not to meetup - wonderful service! She was very prompt in her replies thru email and very patient with my queries. She was very pleasant in person as well. Suesh Customer Service - be local or international - gets two thumbs up! ^_^

you might be wondering what i got so to kill the suspense, here's my haul:

 More closeup pictures of my haul after the jump!

Suesh smudge brush - my new trusty blending machine!

I cannot tell you how much I love this brush! It just made my life so much easier. It's very, very soft - almost buttery! I used to think that tapered blending brushes are the best until I used this! That's why my second mission to get from Suesh is the Round Smudge Brush. If it's not yet obvious, yeah am getting slowly addicted to smudge brushes... ^_^

Suesh small brush belt - functional and cute!

At first, I really wanted a proper brush belt. But when I compared it with the smaller one, I kinda liked the small one better. I thought I don't want to have too many brushes in it while I'm putting makeup on someone as I envision it will make me more confused. Does that make sense? Hehe!

Suesh small brush belt in action

See how I can put it at my side and not dangle in front of me? I liked that. Although come to think of it, looking at it right now attached to me it really looked small and I looked huge haha!

I really wanted to get more brushes but I just bought a set of Charm brushes not too long ago so for now, am lemming their Round Smudge Brush, Kabuki Brush and Mixing Palette & Spatula. So, I focused my attention to the brush guards instead hehe. I was happy to get these because I initially thought I can only order this online then found out Suesh carry them - brilliant!

Brush Guard Shadow/Liner Pack (10 pcs.)

Brush Guard Shadow/Liner Pack - normal state

Brush Guard Shadow/Liner Pack is breathable and easy to "squeeze" your brushes into

Brush Guard Blush Pack (8 pcs.)

Brush Guard Blush Pack is flexible as the Shadow/Liner Pack, only bigger

I liked that they come with instructions!

I will need more time to use these products so I could prepare a deeper review, watch out for that later.

I was very happy with my Suesh loot and I think Che was impressed with my enthusiasm that she offered if I want to be a reseller and I was only happy to do so! So, if you're based in Singapore and would like to own quality makeup brushes then why not get them from me? ^_^ You can check out all their products at their Singapore website (suesh.com.sg) and their price list. Do email me your orders at meremakeupmaniac@gmail.com.

do you love Suesh too???


  1. Nice, you finally own brush guards! Super worth it! Bongga din ang brush belt at least you won't lose your brushes talaga :D

  2. i love the big brush guards sis but the shadow ones not so much kasi di kasing fit ng sa bigger ones. yap, naaliw ako sa brush belt!

  3. I've never tried any brushes from Suesh before. Haha! But will keep this in mind when I pursue makeup school in the future. :)

    Nice purchase. Customer service and the seller's attitude is a big factor in making any purchase talaga.

  4. wow makeup school!

    agree! CS plays a big role in any business.


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