Milani Gems and Gold

yet another gloomy day in the Lion City - I woke up to dark sky and continuous raining. good for you, my post isn't. In fact, these nail polishes from Milani can brighten your day instantly!


Milani Gold and Gems

More pictures after the jump!

Milani Gems (can you guess where I took these swatches??)

Milani Gold

my impression on these babies: i love them! i am head over heels when it comes to glittery or shimmery nail polishes - these are no exception. i noticed that they are chunky and you need to be careful when layering them. it's also a bit tricky to cover the entire nail with the glitters. if glitter size is the consideration, i prefer Gems since it has various sizes of glitters. if vibrancy of color or color impact, i love Gold more - but just a little, they are almost tied! (^_^) in terms of drying, it dries fast even on its own. for me, these are winners!

have you any Milani polish to rave about?


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