Review: Reference 335 Volume Conditioner

yesterday, i shared briefly my rave for a hair volumizing product. the story behind my acquisition of this product is actually accidental. remember that i raved about Reference Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (REF 443)? it is from the same line but i got the Volume conditioner (REF 335) instead.

Reference 335 Volume Conditioner (S$38)

More pictures and review after the jump!

when i went to Beauty Language (the only store that sells Reference products in Singapore) nearest my place, i was actually looking for Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (REF 443). the SA told me the conditioner is out of stock and i was totally saddened. (T_T) i even insisted she check out other brances, which she did, but there really isn't any stocks everywhere. she recommended the Volume Conditioner (REF 335) and i was very reluctant to get it. i decided to rebond my hair because i hate frizzy hair and adding volume may cause just that. but since i really love this product (the REF 443 shampoo/conditioner duo which i finished and repurchased!), i thought why not give it a try, finish it and then never buy it again if it proves to be a disaster. so i bought REF 335 conditioner together with REF 443 shampoo (if you buy separately, shampoo is priced at $36 and $38 for the conditioner. but if you buy both, you'll only have to pay $58 - savings of $16!)

i was so elated to be wrong! the pictures below will prove that indeed it gave me enough volume but did not give me poofy hair. some shots i even used hair irons and it still retained the volume - what an impressive product! 

before using Reference 335 Volume Conditioner

after using Reference 335 Volume Conditioner

(other than spritzing hairspray on my bangs, i didn't do anything else with my hair)

(i even ironed my hair this time!)

*note: in all pictures, i just fan dried my hair - no blowdrying done.

isn't it just amazing? i love before and after shots lol.

i honestly did not expect a lot from shampoos and conditioners before aside from clean and nice-smelling hair but this just proves that salon products definitely have an edge! i am just so in love with Reference's hair products!

if you are wondering where they can be purchased, they are distributed in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Czech Republik, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iraq, Ireand, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan R.O.C, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom and USA. check out their website where exactly to buy.

have i enticed you to consider this brand? :)


  1. The conditioner does work for your hair! Glad you found one that does a great job at it. :)

  2. thanks Pammy! what amazes me is that it's not a complicated or an add-on product on my hair routine - saves time and very effective! i'm in mane euphoria lol.

  3. looks like its working well for you.

  4. sis! super mas may volume nga!!!! Glad you found "the one"!

  5. thanks ladies! i was really happy to have found this wonderful, effective volumizing product! it actually made me a bit addictive to hair volumizing products, am looking into Oscar Blandi products! hope to get some and share with you soon. ;-)


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